it's time to live it on your terms

To be free to be yourself

in mind, in spirit

in your life

Re:Root Your Life & Enjoy your journey

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what does it mean to re:Root your life ?

Simply put to Re:Root your life is to get back to the Root of what it means to be you and to transform your life into a life you want to live. To be free to be yourself. Confident in your power, your identity. Following your passions, manifesting your dreams and enjoying your life’s journey.

 When you Re:Root your life you find your way, your magic, your path in life. 

are you ready to re:root your life?

You are ready to Re:Root Your Life if you are: 

  • Tired of the BS that is holding you back 
  • Ready to feel free and proud to be your natural self
  • Want to live a life that aligns with your values 
  • Looking for your purpose in life and find out how to live it
  • Willing to put in the work to transform your life to a life you love
  • Searching for personal and spiritual growth tools that will help you create your life path

how can you re:root your life?

 Whether it’s through SELF HELP with our courses, meditations and e-books or  1-1 LIFE COACHING  with me Emma-Jane Cross, personal and spiritual growth coach, here you will find the tools you need to live life on your terms. You can study your personal and spiritual growth at your own pace, or bring me on to your team as your personal life coach, to accelerate your growth. The choice is, as it should be, all yours…

“More than anything, Emma-Jane shows people that it’s OK to be you”

In my life nature has been greatest teacher and guide to balance my personal growth, spiritual growth.

Within nature there is no judgement. All creatures are free to be exactly as they are, free to be present in each moment and free to grow, to thrive and fullfill their potential. We are part of nature so this applys to us humans too.  Somewhere along the line we just forgot it.

In my spiritual growth journey I discovered that the blueprint for growth, balance and transformation surrounds us in nature and can be found within the energy of the 5 elements…

As a coach I have created a fusion of  holistic coaching combining nueroscience, personal development research and mind body spirit practices; creating pratical tangible solutions and tools that you can use to improve your life and life quality, focusing on the teachings of the 5 elements.



Self - awareness & understanding



Purpose, Inspiration & Creativity



Action, Momentum & Energy



Aligning with you & your rythm



With yourself, your life & the universe

Hey lovely to meet you - I'm Emma-Jane !

If you’ve scrolled this far you are probably wondering who I am and why the heck I can help you. 

My job is literally to help you to help yourself to live a life that makes you happy. My mission is to make it easier for you to drop the BS, stop holding yourself back and be your authentic self in a happy life. 

What makes me qualified to do that? 

Well I’ve been there and it took me too many years, too many failures,before I figured out how to draw a line in the sand. To become free to take over my life’s journey. To be free in Life. Free in my Mind. Free in my spirit. In my soul.

And now I have dedicated my life to making that journey easier for you. 

As a qualified life coach I have literally helped hundreds of people to truly be happier in life and in themselves. 

And now I want to help you…

What people say

If one has the desire of becoming something more, a better version of themselves or just simply want to improve both in personal and professional life but they are clueless on how or where to start, coaching with Emma-Jane is the answer.


With the help of Re:Root, I finally feel equipped with the tools I need to gain more control over my life, productivity and general well-being. It's been an absolute joy to work with Emma-Jane a totally life changing experience.


Emma-Jane is the most awesome coach and person I have ever met! With her kind and loving spirit she is able to let you see yourself and your life in a whole new light, and believe that anything is possible 


Everything you need to live
your life on your terms!

A little self help goes a long, long way. In the Re:Root Shop I have created e-books, mini courses, meditations and much much more to equip you with all you need in personal & spiritual growth to find the way to living your life on your terms.