Month: August 2016

#Life lesson 101 – Want not need

  Mr T is brilliant. No seriously he is. Two nights ago over dinner I was complaining that I was running out of inspiration on what to write on my blog and he came up with this brilliant suggestion. “Why not write about the life lessons you get as you have them”.  Perfect. I had …

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Time is our most important possession

“I’m late, I’m late for A very important date. No time to say hello, good-bye, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late”  Lewis Carroll/Walt Disney Films When Alice fell down the rabbit hole, in Lewis Carroll’s ageless children’s story; she meets the white rabbit who spends his time rushing from one appointment to another, constantly running …

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Letting go, giving space to grow

Today is a hard day. Today I am leaving the best workplace I have ever had to move to a completely new area, to take an education in a foreign language, to move together with Mr T and to start to go it alone and make dreams a reality. Everything in my future looks shiny …

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Change is just another word for adventure

Change happens around us every day. We all go through life changes puberty, marriage, old age. In natural world the process of the seasons transitioning is much quicker than the natural changes is in our lives. Conscious change(when we know it is happening), can be one of the scariest processes of all. Conscious change can …

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8 ways to enjoy the weekend alone

It’s Friday! Woohoo for the start of the weekend! Work feels lighter, people smile more and are looking forward to weekend relaxing. But what if you live alone? The weekend can be a lonely black hole.  Or alternatively a weekend alone can be full of social dates so you don’t get to properly relax for …

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Attitude of gratitude :)

You may have heard this phrase before that the key to a happy life is to have an attitude of gratitude. (A phrase that although absolutely accurate also makes me instinctively wince from the cheese factor that comes with it). Looking around us in nature right now, it’s practically impossible to not see the bountiful …

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