The Mustard Seed- inspiration when you need it the most.

Have you ever seen a Mustard seed?

They are tiny.

If dropped only the keenest of eyes could find them, if seriously lucky.




However even with the tiniest of seeds, Mustard grows into tall and strong plant, with many, many branches. Now the Mustard seed can be an inspiration to us all. Especially in those times when nothing seems to be going right, when life feels stagnant and bleak. When things seem unsurmountable the mustard seed shows us in a real and tangible way that if we start small we can achieve. After all if a Mustard seed can grow from something so small, push through the earth to the sun, fighting through the seemingly impossible challenges, then so can we.

The mustard seed can also inspire us as proof that from the smallest of things something great can grow and multiply. From the most tiny spark of inspiration it is possible to multiply and grow onward and upward. Everything around us in the human world (not the natural) started with a small idea and grew and grew. Walt Disney, (who is one of my inspirations. I know not everyone’s favourite cup of tea but he is definitely mine) had two nervous breakdowns and multiple business failures before he came upon his Mickey Mouse the catalyst for the Disney Empire today. So from the smallest mouse a giant corporation grew and even then it took a few attempts to start it.



 There are many tips, tricks, ideas and advice out there to help you overcome blocks and be inspired to grow. However today I am not going to tell you about those. Instead I am going to ask you to do something for me and for you. The very next time you think something is impossible, that life is stagnating, or you cannot find the belief that you can do what it is you want to do; find a story. A story that reminds you that from the smallest of beginnings you can grow. Look for tangible inspiration that resonates with you and allow the story to guide you on. So that you too can grow and become as tall and strong as a mustard plant or as well known and loved as a small mouse.


Good luck with your dreams, you can and will make them a reality remember …..





Btw I can’t take credit for the lesson of the Mustard Seed (or Mickey Mouse!). The mustard seed is a parable told by Jesus to his followers. And no I am not  trying to push any religious dogma upon you. I believe that a great teaching can come from anywhere and can be respected and inspiring no matter what you believe about the world or the universe.



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