Visualising …. visualising….oh look squirrel!

Visualisation. We have all heard that this is one of the main things to do if you want to achieve a goal. Hands up those of us that find visualisation really easy. Congratulations! If you want to put your tips in the comments that would great. So hands up those of us that find this seriously difficult. Yep that’s me. I am an ‘oh look squirrel’ type. As soon as I sit down with my goal in mind, some calming music in the background I can hold the vision for 0.4 seconds and then my mind starts to wander, everything and anything will distract me, know the feeling?

Well that’s who I was until I had a goal I was really burning for. I wanted to go back to study. (And for those of you who read this blog, you will know I am there now.) I found the school, applied and heard nothing. I was panicking. Every morning I would try and visualise my goal as part of my miracle morning routine (Look up Hal Elrod – you will not regret it) and …nada. I could not hold it. Until I had a brainwave (well a few actually.)

These steps helped me and I hope they will help you.

Get clear

Know what you want exactly. Easy to write, challenging to do, well no. I used a gratitude letter. Basically write yourself a letter thanking the universe for the things you have as though you already have them. Dear universe, I am so happy and grateful that I have completed my education, got the promotion, whatever it is you want. Make the letter detailed. Write every detail of how your life is now you have the life you want. The more you write the vision will get clearer.

Get a picture and concentrate

So now you know what you want find a picture of it. For example I found a picture of the outside of my uni college. Every morning for five minutes I would sit in front of this picture and see myself there. Walking down the stairs I could see on the picture. I still had my quiet space, with the calming music but with the picture physically in front of me I could hold the vision. If you can’t find the picture then make it. Draw it. Copy paste some pictures into a word doc. Just concentrate on this picture for five minutes every day. Don’t get angry with yourself if your attention wanders just bring it back to your picture again. 


This isone of the more challenging parts, however you can do it. Once you have done your visualisation you have to trust the universe. Trust it will happen. Every time a fear or doubt pops up squash it. “My book won’t get published” says Mr Negative shout back “Bollocks! My book will be published”. Then do something else. Don’t get into dialogue with Mr Negative, he is not worth it. Shrug him off and distract him with something else. The universe is conspiring to bring you your dream.

Do something

As much as you can trust the universe to work with the vibration you send out, you also have to help. Have you ever heard the phrase “the gods help those who help themselves”? Well it’s true. Make sure each day you do something no matter how small to work towards you goal.

Visualisation + trust + action = results

Try these steps this week and see on Sunday how much closer you are to being where you want to be.

Have an amazing, powerfull week. Whatever your dream is, I know you will get there if you truly throw yourself into creating it <3


1 thought on “Visualising …. visualising….oh look squirrel!”

  1. The squirrel thing is very funny – I’m like that! Until yesterday. I’m now visualising every evening & also during the day, when I get distracted, that I pull my energy back from all people & all situations & cleanse it through a Golden filter & send People’s energy back – much easier to center.
    And then off course do the visualusation in a beautiful Nature setting.
    + say the prayers out loud….

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