Improving your relationships part 1 – start with yourself (3 min read)

This is the first of a 3 part series looking at how you can improve your relationships. This week is …

Improving your relationship with yourself.

Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you’ll ever have. And unlike any other relationship this one is lifelong, you can’t go away from yourself. Now, as you all know; I love nature. Especially because it can be used to mirror our own personal development. So if you imagine that you are the seed of your relationships. The central part from which everything else grows from. If you are a gardener you will know that it is impossible to get a healthy plant from a rotten seed. Likewise it is impossible to create great and healthy relationships,  if you don’t have a healthy loving relationship with yourself.

What does a healthy relationship with yourself look like? It is loving yourself, accepting yourself and truly respecting yourself. With this comes a sense of contentment and empowerment that without a doubt makes you a strong, powerful and happy individual. And when you feel like that you’ll know that you have a healthy relationship with you.

Now that’s easy for me to say, but how easy is it to do? Actually  it’s easy peasy. Like any seed needs to be constantly nurtured, fed and watered, so too does our relationship with our self need constant nutiuring.

But this doesn’t have to be a hard and time consuming process. Loving yourself is a fun experience. It makes life more joyful and enjoyable.

Follow the guidelines below, give yourself a week of love and be amazed at the feel good results by Sunday!

Know your strengths :

It can be challenging to identify your strengths and good points, however it is possible. You need to be objective and even a little bit clinical. Fold a piece of paper in two. Make a pros list on one side  and cons list on the other side, remember this list is  all about you. What are your pros, what are your cons? Once you have written tear the two lists apart and throw away the cons list. Put the pros list where you can see it every day. Read this list once a day and remind yourself how awesome you are!

Look after your machine and get some air:

I know I say it alot (and it is to remind myself as much as to remind you guys) a body and spirit can not function at it’s best if you don’t give it the proper fuel. Eat healthily, drink water, exercise and get plenty of fresh air. Getting outside is seriously important for improving your health. Not only does it get you away from the computer, it actually improves the body’s digestion system, blood pressure and makes you feel happier and more energetic.

Respect you:

Make choices that show yourself you respect yourself. Hold to your personal beliefs and make choices  that support those choices. Also be acting in a way that shows you respect such as taking pride in your appearance and asking yourself what thoughts am I wearing today? Not eating Macdonalds when you want to because you want to loose weight. All of these things increase your self pride and self respect. And that makes it easier to love yourself.

Look for the beautiful in you:

Ok we all have those bits of us we hate, but when our numbers up how much time will we have wasted criticising our appearances. The negative and judging voices in your head are loud and it’s up to you to silence them. Look in the mirror and instead of instantly finding the bits you dislike, find the bits you like. Say something like I don’t like my hips and I do love my eyes”. Find at least 5 things and do this every day. Mirror experiences will become more fun and you’ll feel great and loved.

Show you that you love you and take yourself on a date!

We love creating a wonderful experiences for other people and showing them we appreciate them,  but what about doing it for ourselves. That we are not so good at. Why? because it’s easy to put others first. Plan a date for yourself. Go out somewhere, have dinner, see a film go for a sauna and a swim. Do something that makes you feel loved and lovely. Try and make 10 mins a day where it’s you time. Read a book. Give yourself a hand massage. Be luxuriously loving to yourself. You deserve it.

Have a wonderful week getting to know and love you (and doesn’t just have to be one week, reminder you are there for you for life.) Tune in next week to find out how this loving seed grows into the roots of stabil, healthy and loving relationships.

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