Be spontaneous  and be inspired (2 min read)

“It is not enough to have a dream unless I am willing to pursue it” is one of my favourite quotes and guidelines in life. However to have a dream, a clear vision working towards that vision and holding it in the face of adversity is challenging. And yes I know it is part of the journey however sometimes we make life a lot harder for ourselves than we need to by being so overly focused on our dream that we don’t notice the inspiration that is actually right in front of us.

I have been swamped lately. The things to do list keeps getting longer and my sleeping is starting to get shorter. Don’t get me wrong I am achieving a lot yet with all the life pressure I have been cloggy, the vision of my dream was becoming faded.I hadn’t realised I was getting so lost. (Maybe you know this feeling.)

However I have been lucky enough this past weekend to visit one of my favourite places in Denmark. I didn’t go there to be inspired, in fact I took a heavy workload with me that “needed to get done”. Yet on this weekend by opening myself up to the moment and experience I became energised, inspired. Instead of looking myself away in my pile of work, I opened up, talked, laughed, worked and helped and now I can feel that something has shifted and I am more focused on manifesting my dream than I was two days ago. And surprisingly in a short time I got huge amounts done!

The great thing about my trip was that it was totally unplanned. Something happen and immediately all plans went flying out of the window and I spontaneously grabbed an opportunity to help, which in turn created an opportunity for me to be inspired. (Don’t you just love win win situations like that).  Now afterwards I got to thinking why this spontaneous experience inspired me so much and how had I opened myself to allow the inspiration to come in and be noticed by me?


It was simply about embracing the spontaneity of the moment. Now I do recommend doing that all the time planning has its merits. Yet taking a spur of the moment decision and doing something completely different than you planned is also very healthy medicine. It’s following your instincts. And when you do wholeheartedly follow the flow of your instincts then you will be amazed at the insights and teachings you receive.

So why is spontaneity such a great way to call in the inspiration you need?

  • It takes you out of your normal rhythm and  environment which stimulates your senses and gives your whole system a wake up.
  • It puts you outside of your comfort zone so you behave and act differently which means you are thinking from a new perspective.
  • It can bring new people, new connections which bring with it new ideas
  • You are thinking about something else so your brain gets a chance to recharge, as well by taking a break from thinking about your dream you give the universe space in your mind to put inspiration into.

The key to it all is to embrace the spontaneous event. To be completely open to the experience. And as always look for the teachings. I found that as I was talking to a complete stranger about my and her dream I was giving her advice that I needed to hear. The answers that came to her challenges were actually the answers I had been looking for. Just goes to show that everyone has a message for us and we have a message for everyone.

So if you have been getting too bogged down fighting for your dreams lately (or even struggling with solving a particular challenge) I highly recommend taking the next instinctive, spontaneous decision to do something completely different for at least 24 hours. You will find that you comeback totally inspired, energised and raring to go. Spontaneity will give you a chance to make room in yourself to gain perspective. Being open to and aware of the experiences and conversations you have  you make space to allow the messages, the inspiration to reach you. The inspiration we need is always there we just have to remember to step outside of our plans and comfort zones to find it.

Have a great week and if you get the opportunity to do something spontaneous- Do it!

You never know where the inspiration will take you <3


In spontaneity can we be who we truely are

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