3 steps to creating a powerful life . Part 1 Take responsibility for your life (4 min read)

It is amazing how many people today feel powerless in their own lives. Which is ironic because truly the only thing we have power over in our lives is, well us and how we shape that life. So many of us would rather blame someone else or just accept that ‘that’s they way things are’ than claim our power and shape our lives. And at the same as lying back and accepting things we like to complain about it, we are actually really good at that. And again the irony is that if we took half of the energy we use on complaining and directed it towards living a powerful life how much happier we would all be.

Living powerfully is the key to achieving your dreams not just keeping them as wouldn’t that be lover’ly wishes. YOU have within YOU the power to create your world. When you begin to live your life acknowledging your own power, your own strength you find freedom in life. It’s up to you to make that choice and decided how you want your life to be.

And you can do it. In fact you were born to be a powerful person and create a powerful life. Don’t believe me well think about this. The fact that you were born here and now, where you are, your DNA, who are your parents is by a 1 in 400 trillion chance. And you made it to here and now to being you. That is one of the most powerful things possible. You owe to yourself to live a powerful life and make the most of the opportunity you’ve u got to be you.

But how? Well there are three simple steps to living a powerful life.

  • Take responsibility for your life
  • Acknowledge your power
  • Actively live a powerful life

Over the next three weeks I will be posting about each of these steps so that you can manifest your powerful life

So the first step is to know that you create your reality:You-create-your-own-reality.__quotes-by-Jane-Roberts-68.png

This is the hardest concept to take in, however the day you begin to live this truth and take conscious control of your thoughts is the day you declare your freedom and begin your mastery of life.

It’s also the day you cease to be a victim.

James Redfield in his enlightening book the Celestine prophecies (Which if you haven’t read I highly HIGHLY recommend it) named 4 control  dramas. “The sixth insight states that childhood dramas block our ability to fully experience the mystical. All humans, because of their upbringing, tend toward one of the four “control dramas”: intimidators steal energy from others by threat. Interrogators steal it by judging and questioning. Aloof people attract attention (and energy) to themselves by acting reserved or withdrawing. And poor me’s make us feel guilty and responsible for them.”

A whole book could be built around this teaching so here we are going to focus on the one I know affects most people in society today – the poor me, the victim.

Why does this always happen to me? What did I do to deserve this? Why can’t I have, get, do…… you did this to me, it’s your fault that I feel so bad.  Sound familiar? We all do it. Even when you are consciously aware of it this behavioural pattern is so easy to fall into. However it’s not real. Life didn’t do this to you, your partner didn’t make you feel bad. Every situation in your life you have chosen and created. I was so mad the first time I heard this. I was angry. I didn’t create it that I grew up in discord and sometimes violence, or that I ended up living on the streets, or that I developed diabetes! How could anyone say that! I believed that all of these things happened to me, that I was the victim.

However it’s true. I did create these things. I did choose my path, I choose my rection and I am responsible for the consequences of those actions and my intentions, conscious or unconscious. It may seem unbelievable however I realised that even my diabetes I had called into my own life by the abuse I gave my body. I was unable to accept the sweetness in life because I didn’t believe that I deserved it.   Once I acknowledge I created my illness I could also begin to take responsibility to take care of myself and honour myself, thus I became powerful.

In taking responsibility for my choices I stepped out of the poor me role with the realisation that I can create my world, my life and my path.  If I had continued down that path playing the it’s unfair to poor little me role I wouldn’t be here today. As long as you think that how your reality turns out is due to someone or something else, you are still not taking 100% responsibility for the fact that YOU create your own life. If you don’t realise this You will remain in the victim role, and nothing changes that way. Victims have no power to do anything, for that is the belief they operate from. You can only change yourself, and to do that one must move into the role of Creator rather than victim. To be a clear, functional, healthy human being, always bring what is happening in your life back to you, especially whenever you think it’s about someone or something else or that it’s someone else’s fault or the universe getting at you . In that way your life operates without blame or victimization or abuse.

You have control of only one thing in your life you and your perspective. Remember,


There are many many ways to understand this concept. Don’t worry if you don’t get it all at once I didn’t.

One way is to think of it as that everything in this world, our human world; starts with intention. Nothing happens without intention. Everything you can see started with an idea and intention.  Your intention can create your experiences. Everything happens inside us, every experience you create. It is all of our intention, our desires that creates this workshop. I had the intention I wanted to share my learnings, you guys had an intention that you wanted to get in touch with nature, yourselves and your life. THe energy we put into the processes the work we do here and how we react to the lessons we learn creates this experiences, as do the choices we make when we leave this space.

Another way is to look at like this – you are like a computer. The computer depends upon what you type into it, and that determines what it will print out, correct? It’s the same with your life. Whatever you type into yourself – that is, whatever perceptions or beliefs YOU have put inside you, or, “programmed into your computer” – that is what will get printed out and become your life. This print out is like a script available for other people to read. They read it, and simply respond to what you have typed out, to YOUR print out.

For instance, if what you have typed into your computer is: “Oh. I’m selfish. That means I’m a bad person.” Someone will read this in your print out (your energy field) and you will create them probably saying something like this to you: “You are so selfish!! Why don’t you ever think of me? Why don’t you make me happy?!” When you change what you type into yourself, when you change the energy that is in your energy field, when you change the thoughts and beliefs and emotions that you carry around, your printout will be different. Then everyone will read that new print out and respond to it.

Remember if you CAN create the bad you CAN create the good. Dreams, words, actions and choice beget reality, you are the architect of your life.

Live your life taking responsibility for yourself and you will live your life powerfully.

Accept where you are and how you got there:

So in accepting responsibility for your life you have to accept responsibility for your past. You have to accept your previous actions :You may have made what you consider to be bad choices but these are the choices you made. You have to accept and let go of that past. IF you don’t accept you and your choices, how the heck is anyone else supposed to? So make peace with the you of your past. Tell yourself that you did your best and accept that whatever you did you did. A great way to accept an incident is to try the why did I create this exercise

‘Why did I create this?’ exercise:

Think back to something that has happened in your life. Not a good situation, not the worst experience you have ever had however choose a not great situation.

1.Write a short sentence explaining  what happened.

2.Now write why and how this happened to you, whose fault you thought it was.

Now we are going to look at your responsibility in this situation: Why and how did you create this event?

3.Write down in a  list the actions you took in this situation.

  • What choices did you make?
  • What was the outcome of these choices.

4.Now write what happened in your life after this event

  • Why was this event necessary in your life?
  • Where did it lead you to?
  1. Look again at your first description of why and how- do you agree with your first reaction or can you now see your role in this?

By looking at how you created a situation you give yourselves an opportunity to learn. Learning empowers you to grow and evolve.


This week take the opportunity to observe how you create you life. Don’t judge just notice. By first taking the time to see how you make your world you will then see the opportunities to remake it in a more powerful way. Come back on monday to find out more about creating your powerful life by Acknowledging your power in part 2.

Have a wonderful powerful week 🙂you are the architect of your life

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