3 Steps to creating a powerful life – Part 2 Acknowledge your own power (3 min read)

So last week we looked at how we create our own realities. It can be quite a shock when you see that you really do shape everything around you by the responses you make. And an empowering experience to begin changing your reactions to a more positive response. That is really living from a place of power.

However it is sometimes hard to believe that we, ourselves are powerful beings.  I know I struggled with this for a long time and occasionally still do. I mean me powerful, pull the other one it’s got bells on I would say. However when I really began to look at it. I had to admit I am a pretty powerful women. It just took me consciously looking at it with an objective perspective.

So here is a how to find out and acknowledge the power within you

Firstly have a look for your power

The word power can often get a bad reputation with negative connotations. It depends on your perspective, To recognise one’s own power can be seen as being big headed, to be proud in one’s abilities and power can initiate the “pride comes before a fall” in others. Of course there is place for humility, however having a good sense of your own self power gives a solid foundation for confidence, self acceptance and being able to create and live the life you want. After all what is wrong with acknowledging your own strength? At the summer solstice the sun is at the height of it’s power, but how about you? Are you at the height of your power? What indeed is your power?

Try these two exercises to help you find out how you are powerful

  • Brainstorm key words the describe the strengths you can see in yourself, if you like you can also name the sources of these strengths if they are external, it’s good to know the source of your power.
  • Ask close friends and family to give you 3 words that describe you as a person. Other people will have more of an objective perspective than you will. Collect this information you will be surprised how the world sees you.

Then search for your power:

One of the best ways to learn about your power is to recognise someone else’s power. When we learn to appreciate other people for their unique talents, we also increase our own personal power as well as acknowledging the personal power of others.  

Find someone you can interview. Take five minutes to ask each other these questions (with a timer):

  • What makes your truly happy?
  • What are your core personal values?
  • What have you done in your life that you are most proud of?
  • What is the thing that you are second most proud of?
  • What empowers you?
  • How do you describe your powerful self

Now read the other person’s answers to them. It is amazing that when we hear our own thoughts aloud how differently we perceive them. Reverse the process and listen to your own answers. It is amazing when we look how uniquely fantastic we truly are.

Affirm your power

It is not simply enough to know we are powerful we also need to be reminded that we are powerful, especially when the world seems a little too dark or difficult. Now look at all the research of you have collected about you and use this to write yourself a letter acknowledging your power and telling yourself how proud you are of yourself.

In this process you will begin to accept yourself  as you are – not the negative voice that tells you you are worthless, you can’t, that you will be well when. Look at the person you have found yourself to be today. THis person is strong, has individual talents and gifts, has survived and learnt and most importantly is consciously choosing to change their life and create and follow dreams. This person needs to be honoured.

However that can be challenging to do in the darker times when you are tired, alone or just having a crappy day. How do you then remember that person? You need to become your own life coach and fan club!

In every team be it sales, football, theatre the  leader or coach will often give pep talks to his or her team. Compliments and belief boost our confidence and remind us how competent we are.

You are your own team. SO you need to become your coach and give yourself a pep talk. Affirmations are one way to do this but they can be hard to do. Writing and reading your own pep talk is the simplest and most effective way of doing this. When we write and put conscious effort into creating it becomes more believable. Rereading your writing your words makes them believable.

Create your pep talk

Begin your pep talk by introducing you to yourself, here is mine for some inspiration:

Emma, this is Emma.

Emma is a wonderful person. She connects with people and is loved by both adults and children. Her colleagues respect her and admire the effort and hardwork Emma puts into her job. Emma makes her class feel safe and her colleagues feel happier. She is a rolemodel to her children and to some of her colleagues.

Emma inspires people and helps them with their lives. People know she is clever. She knows she is clever. Emma is organised, motivated and focused on her life goals. SHe brings people back to living with nature, to appreciating the world around them. Emma achieves all of her goals and succeed. Emma succeeds.

Abundance comes easily and readily into Emma’s life. She is good at saving and keeping to a budget. Emma is wealthy. Emma is wealthy financially, in her friends and in her experiences.

Emma loves the world around her and is loved in her life. Emma has had adventures that no-one else has had. Emma is  living an exciting life, learning everyday. Emma’s experiences have shaped her into a unique, wise person.  

Emma has left legacies behind in her life already and will continue to do so.

Emma accepts, loves and respects herself and can be, do or have anything she wants. Emma lives in the now, she appreciates life and radiates abundance and appreciation in every aspect of her being. Emma can do and achieve anything she wants to achieve. Emma can live however she wants to live. Emma can be anything she wants to be.

Emma is a wonderful, amazing and beautiful person.

Emma fulfills her dreams.

Emma is fantastic.


Have fun this week finding out your power and making your pep talk- remember you are your best coach and support so boost your own power by a little self recognition!

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