A rubbish ‘meh’ day is the point before a break through! (2 min read)

Today has been a meh day. You know the type. Low energy. No motivation. Even if the sun is shining in the windows of your soul it continuously rains. Nothing works. Nothing is good. Meh, meh, meh. The irritating thing is that this particular meh day comes on one of those rare days when i actually have nothing to do apart from write! And so wonderfully my inspiration button has been on an all time low beeeeeeeeeeeep all blooming day.

I have promised Mr T I will do some yoga with him later but my heart is not really in it. However guilty with the knowledge that I am wasting time I have been looking all day for sources of inspiration. I  have, of course visited my ever growing pinterest library of Ted talks. Watched 3 and nothing, nada. I have hit the personal development section of amazon and did some half hearted retail therapy. Did some journaling and ended up even more unmotivated. Watched a film. Even tried to make fudge which although worked has given me a sugar high (which is burning cold with nowhere to put the energy, this is not yoga friendly energy).

It sucks and the more I have been fighting it, the worse it gets. Meh with meh on. Then it struck me, I have been here before. Oh not just the meh day thingy. I have been to this place of frustration before, many times. And if memory serves correctly it was always at the point of most frustration I would succeed. It comes down to my days of spinning Poi and my subsequent Poi theory.

If you don’t know Poi originates from New Zealand. it is the art of spinning balls on string or ropes in intricate patterns whilst dancing. In my case the balls were made of kevla and I used to set them on fire to dance. Fire Poi is now an accepted hippy entertainment at festivals and is even becoming more mainstream.

There was a time in my life where you would have rarely found me in an open space without me using my practice poi to try out new moves. Poi challenges the brain and coordination on every possible level. When trying out something new you get more bruises than you can imagine. It takes dedication, concentration, pain control and ALOT of frustration. Well what I found with the Poi was that after a while I would get into a meh frustrated state as I am in today. The more I battled, the more I would bash myself. The less likely it seemed that I would be able to do my new move. However when it became fever pitch frustration. At the point I most wanted to throw those poi away and give up, it was then I would succeed.

My Poi theory for many years became a mirror to my life. If things weren’t working and getting more frustrating I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that I was going to succeed soon. It’s been many years now since I regularly did poi. I had all but forgotten my theory of poi. it reminded me of two very important things about being in the state of meh, as I am today.

One – Accept it –

If you fight it too much you will only make matters worse for yourself. Accept that this is where you are. You are at the annoying point before success.

Two – Don’t give up –

Keep going. Not in the argggh I want to do this but I can’t way. Keep going with the dogged determination that says I am not giving up and I am going to succeed.

In a way not giving up is easy when you know the Poi theory and accept it as truth. Why? Well because you know if you are at the stage of meh then you are so close to success. It just takes a little more effort, a last bit of persistence to get you over the edge to succeeding. And if you don’t believe it works then look at this article, you are reading the proof. I could not in month of Sundays, have written this earlier today until I remembered the poi theory, yet here we are with you reading this. I did it. I succeeded.

So if you are feeling all meh today. Think of what it is you want to succeed at. What is the mountain you need to shift. Know you are almost there and keep going. Just a bit more effort and all the bruises will have been worth it when you , as I do now, look back at your success, great or small; being all the more rewarding for sludging through the quagmire of a meh day.

Have a successful day and enjoy your journey 🙂


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