How to get empowered and change your life in 4 steps

Are you stuck in a life that you don’t live and want to change but have no idea of how you can do that? Believe me I know it, I’ve been there. The world seems limited, you feel completely powerless and the biggest challenge is that when we are there, it is is so easy to play our victim role and believe we cannot change our lives. And what we believe of course comes true. We don’t believe we have the power so we don’t have the power. It sucks.

Now if you are in this particular situation and right now feel as useless as a chocolate fireguard, you will be ecstatic to know that there is a way out! There is a way of turning these beliefs around and empowering yourself to make the changes you want in your life. (See now you feel happier right!) Belief is the key here. Lynne Twist (author of “Soul Money”) says “what you appreciate, and the way you direct your attention, determines the quality of your life”. No, no don’t run away. I know if you are feeling helpless right now that appreciating where you are in your life might seem like the last thing you want to do. However consider this when you appreciate where you are it frees up your energy from focusing on where you are not, ergo you then have the energy to re-see the possibilities, create a vision, commit to it and then act to change. So by appreciating the now you actually empower yourself to change your life.

No matter how you want to change your life the first step is believing you can. I’ll never forget the moment when I decided I was going to be a life coach. I was washing up in Mr T’s flat feeling dissatisfied with my life.  Then the idea hit me that I would become a life coach, changing not only mine but many other peoples lives for the better, that I would create a community of people wanting to Re:Root their lives. In that moment I 100% believed I could do it. I was empowered and from that moment on I have been re seeing my possibilities, created my vision and have been committed and acting upon my dream ever since.

So if you want to change your life you need to begin the process of belief starting with appreciation, create your vision, commit and then act. Even if right now you are still thinking yeah, yeah, I can’t do that try following these 4 steps to empowering yourself to change your life, you will surprise yourself.

  1. Appreciation

So what are you assets? And I don’t mean just physical I mean your community, your support network, your talents and skills, your hopes and dreams, the resources you have to hand. Write all of this down. See how much you have, more than you thought.  Now on a new piece of paper name each person you have in your support network. Write by each person the qualities that they have told you that they appreciate about you. It can be anything, funny, good at making cheesecake whatever it is write it down.

How do you feel now? Still without power, I’ll put money on it you feel more confident and richer in your life right now that you did 10 mins ago. All that changed was your belief and appreciation.

  1. Vision

Now look into the future. I want you to imagine yourself 25 years from now having successfully made the change you want to make in your life. See it clearly and the surrounding life circumstances. So for example you want to be self employed imagine yourself there, successful, that your kids have grown up and you have paid for them to go to college. See your life 25 years from now how you want it to be. Are you there? Can you see it?

Now the difficult question ask yourself how did you get there? What were the possibilities and the opportunities that you found and created for you and your family? What got you through those first few years? What was the breakthrough? Tell yourself the story not just the events but the emotional shifts. Did you stop letting your fears rule your life, did you set boundaries?

  1. Commit

So now is the time to commit. You can see your previously unseen resources, maybe from your visualisation you have some ideas on how to manifest and create the changes you want to make. So you need to make a plan based on these two sources of inspiration. Your resources and your vision. Write down what actions you need to take to create your change? What resources do you need to use or source?  By making this action plan you are committing to being the kind of person, the empowered person who will make this change in their life.

  1. Act

A dream without action is just a wish. Take the plunge and do the first thing on your action plan as soon as you can. This is the step that puts you energetically on the path to making the change you want. For me I joined a spiritual fitness center, where mind body and spirit was in focus. I found like minded people and surrounded myself with people working on their lives, a few months later I was running my own workshops and writing my book. This first action is really important and so is the second and the third and so on. Before you know it you are on your way.


SO how do you feel now? Hopefully more empowered with a clearer idea of how you can make a change in your life. This formula works for both big and small changes, For example right now I am going to use it to help me start eating healthier and I am still using it to create my community. The important thing to know is that this is the start. It is the moment when you consciously choose to empower yourself and cross over the fear and victim hurdle. Sometimes the feeling of being empowered and belief does go away and if you feel that then go back to step one and appreciate where you are, what you have and who is with you. Appreciation is the most powerful tool in the self empowerment tool kit. Remember wherever you send your attention and appreciation determines your life quality. It’s your choice, so choose what makes you happy and enjoy your journey!

Have a wonderful, empowering week 🙂

Put your future in good hands


Lifelessons101 – How to be a positive person in 6 easy steps

We all have that one person in our network. The complainer. The pessimist. The person you can spend 5 minutes around and feel stressed and worn out just by listening to them. There are people in this world who just live in the negative. I have one in my life and recently after a long conversation with them I felt like I was pulling my hair out due to wave after wave of negative stories. Honestly I felt like a washed out dishrag afterwards. And it got me wondering. Why is it that people find it so hard to be positive?

A few hours of google-fu later I found the answer. Apparently it’s a psychological phenomenon called negative bias. It’s a common human trait to fixate on the negative. It dates back to our stone age hunter gatherer days when we  had to constantly be vigilant for danger. Now that makes sense in a world full of predators, but it makes no sense as to why we still do it it today. We are now at the top of the food chain after all. Constant negativity today is harmful to ourselves and to the people round us. However luckily there is a way to override this genetic programming and choose a positive life much more suited and beneficial to our modern lives.

So here is my #101 guide on how to be a positive person, see if after a long week at the office you can implement some of these ideas into your life and see how much better your world can be.

Notice the good

Have you ever realised that it is easier to notice something bad than something good? For example; you might get a stream of compliments from a lover but one little less than perfect remark and that’s what you remember. (I know I have done this, Mr T is very good at pointing out when I do this). Try and notice the good things more. When you get a compliment notice it. Avidly focus on good things for 10 secs for example the sun is shining, you cats are playing. Notice the good and you will see more.

Turn the conversation around

When you can feel like you have been complaining in a conversation for a while or someone else has try and turn the conversation in a positive direction. Sometimes just asking someone if they have something they are looking forward to helps lift the mood. If in doubt try and pull a positive story from somewhere, even the last funny video on Facebook can be a great mood changer. I mean who doesn’t like cat videos right!

Choose your stimulus

What is it that you invest your time and energy on. Choosing where your stimulus and input comes from makes a huge difference in your outlook on life. 10 years ago I was watching the news and I realised how depressed and anxious it made me, the adverts inbetween tv shows bugged me and I decided to quit TV. I now haven’t had a television for 10 years and it is one of the best decisions I ever made. Of course we have Netflix and HBO and if there is something I hear about going on in the world I check it out online. The difference is I now choose what I watch and what I invite into my life. You can do this with your Facebook feed and un-follow negative feeds and yes you can do it with your social circle too. In fact that is probably one of the most important areas where you can choose your input. Surround yourself with positive people and your life will feel nicer. It’s not rocket science it’s just choice.

Slow down and enjoy your life

It’s easy to miss opportunities to be positive when you are rushing around like a headless chicken. In a fast paced world irritation runs rife. So slow down. Plan breaks and be mindful how you use and enjoy your time. Making enjoying your life the most important thing in your life will shift your focus from pessimistic to positive overnight. Don’t wait for your pension to slow down start savoring you life right now. (I mean it right now).

Sing and dance

Music has one of the most uplifting effects on our moods. If you are feeling low find a favorite tune, sing along and bop around in the kitchen. I used to find that listening to happy music on the way to work started my day so much better than just watching the other commuters on the platform. And I am pretty sure that I amused them when I forgot where I was due to the awesome music and danced a bit on the platform too!

Spread it around

Positivity breeds positivity. Think about it if you see someone smiling you smile too. Say hello to strangers, smile at the bus driver, compliment a colleague in the way they look. See if you can do at least five things to spread positivity each day. Making others feel happy makes you feel happy, it’s simply a win win situation.


Of course there are many ways to be a positive person these are simply a few ideas to get you started. Adopting the attitude of gratitude is another powerful way to be positive which you can read about here. The most important part of being a positive person is choosing to be a positive person. You have to reprogram your genetics a little and take control. You want  positive life then you have to change your attitude to your life. However as you can see the smallest of change in your habits can and will turn you into a positive person. 

Have a happy weekend 🙂

Put your Positive pants on!.jpg

You are already living an Abundant Life

You have an abundant life. Didn’t you know? You do. We all do, actually. People tend to treat abundance as a goal, a state to get to. However we are actually born abundant. We are born into a world where the natural law is abundance. There is enough air, enough water, enough trees. Yet we are really good at making ourselves believe that there is a scarcity, that there is not enough. And in our panic we go scrabbling after more.

The “not enough” mindset is one of the by products of a capitalist culture. The whole advertising industry relies on our belief in there not being enough for their income. Because if we actually thought we had enough, who would react to their advertisements, right? It is this type of industry that sets abundance as a goal. But what if just for a minute we did something crazy and started thinking about coming from a place of abundance. If we took abundance as the starting block not the end goal. Now wouldn’t that be a different way to live?

Theoretically when we look at our life situation as abundant we free ourselves from the scrabbling energy of trying to get to an abundant state, and that my friends is the place where we truly are abundant, because we are able to use our energy consciously to enjoy our abundant life.

Now you may be thinking reading this  a big fat “YEAH RIGHT”, you may think your life is not abundant (oh how I am gonna enjoy proving you wrong) and you may also be thinking well if I am so abundant why don’t I have enough…………?  Well my friends that sense of lack you are holding onto right there is part of your problem. Remember the law of vibration. What we send out the universe mirrors. If you are sending the ‘I don’t have enough’ vibe into the universe and guess what you are going to get back. Exactly what you send out, lack.

It may surprise you to know that even multi millionaires can feel the way you do. Even they can feel they don’t have enough. Which tells me that the state of ‘having enough* is not a physical thing, it’s a psychological state of mind. And state of minds as we all know can be changed and improved with a little work.

So let’s take a closer look at this non abundant life you think you are living, because I promise you that if you take this journey here and now, you will start to see how abundant you truly are.


If you want to check in with your abundance the first thing you need to put into action is practicing gratitude. List the things you have that you are most grateful for, people, qualities, material things, it doesn’t matter. Just be grateful for what you have. You can make one big list or simply do a daily gratitude check at the end of the day


This is tuly apt for the part of the world where I live right now as the tractors are working night and day to bring in this years harvest. But what about you? Have you ever stopped to look at what you have harvested in your life? What have you done. created or achieved that you are proud of ? Write a list in your journal it can be this years harvest or your life’s harvest and give yourself a pat on the back or a large glass of wine for being so awesome.

What is enough?

Now this is a toughie but  a goodie. Look at your gratitude list and your harvest. Is this enough? I am not asking this question to get you to think of new goals, I am asking you to look at all of the things you are grateful for and proud of and ask yourself if somebody described their life to me would I not believe that they had an abundant life, would I not think that they have enough? It’s power thinking and reverses everything. because the moment you believe you have enough you release yourself from hours of stress and agonizing over how your life could be better.

Great. So now you can see how abundant you truly are (I am now gonna take a moment to say I told you so ;P). That is what you are now sending out into the universe. I am abundant. So the universe will respond by sending abundance back to you. And you can support this energy transaction by a few simple practices that will support your abundant state.

Appreciate the now

Of course the gratitude list is one way of appreciating. By being mindful  of how awesome your life is, taking steps to appreciate and experience it fully radiates your appreciation of life. So log offline and have a picnic with your family, treat your mum to a nice lunch or just pamper your senses by eating your favorite chocolate bar mindfully tasting every last mouthful. Go out (or stay in) and appreciate the now of your life. This minute is precious because you can never have it again so enjoy it.


Another way that you can enhance your feeling of abundance is to choose how you respond to something. For example the  bills arrive. We all have this. We all hate it. But how about changing that response. Whenever I get a bill I say to myself. I am thankful that I have the money to pay this or I am thankful for the wifi this bill represents which keeps me connected to my family. A small energetic shift makes a huge difference.


Sharing our abundance spreads the joy around. We have managed to end up rent a huge house in the countryside (wow I am so grateful for that!) So whenever we can we invite our city friends over to a weekend of having fun sharing food and drink and being together in a beautiful space. We give away what we don’t need and sometimes we get given things we do need. Doing nice things for people stranger, friends or animals makes life so much nicer for everyone. You can’t help but feel abundant when you make other people smile.


So how do you feel now? No matter what your situation in life, there is abundance in it. It takes a little altering of your perspective and behavior to appreciate your abundance, yet the results of these changes are immensely powerful and make life much more enjoyable. Rich is not a state of accumulating it is a state of being. You just need to define your own state of rich.  Starting from abundance breeds abundance. So why not dedicate this week to celebrating your abundant life and see if by the end of the seven days you find that you are richer and more abundant than you have ever been

Have a magical and abundant week  <3


Abundance is what happenswhen you focus on joy.jpg

Why am I snapping all the time?

So after returning from my last two weeks of holiday instead of feeling rested and relaxed I am grumpy as heck and snapping at everything. Some of this is definitely to do with the fact I haven’t had a proper break since we got home. The day after our return I hit the ground running and within 7 days I had had an exam, been the priestess for a wedding, finished all the holiday washing and unpacking and we got a new kitten. On top of this my computer stopped working and today I forgot to take my insulin with me out of the house so my blood sugars have been running dangerously high.

And I can’t stop snapping at Mr T. Now to be fair he is also exhausted, so not the most congenial of company right now. However it’s got to the stage that I am really getting annoyed by my own irritable nature so it’s time to find out why I am snapping all the time. As always I turn to my google guru to see if there is any wise sage on the interwebs to help me on my quest. Turns out not so much, lot’s of medical advice but no tools out there to help me work this out. So back to square one. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

I could have gotten very annoyed about this, easily. However years of personal development have kicked in and reminded me when I can’t see the answer it’s time to get some objectivity. Hence this post. And truly as I write my heart out to you all here the answers become clearer. All of a sudden I can see how to answer my question and do something about it. It feels so much better. So if you have been overly grumpy lately, join me as I shift from my victim stance to my place of power and follow these 5 part checklist  to figure out why the heck we are snapping all the time.?

Check the bodily functions

Have you been sleeping enough? Drinking enough water? Eating good foods? If the answer to all of these is no then there is the bottom of your snappy problem. Without the right fuel and maintenance our bodies function badly and we get grumpy. Book some sleep time, grab a smoothie, so fruit or a good salad and fill the fridge with so water bottles.

Check your calendar

What have you been doing over the last few weeks? When I look at my calendar it is obvious that i have been running on burn out for about 10 days. If like me you have alot of things that need to be done in the next 10 days, prioritise, delegate and simplify. If it doesn’t need to be done then don’t do it now when you are burn out. Plan breaks and sleep time. Even if you need to get your Mum to take the kids out for an afternoon so you can sleep, do it. Your kids will be much happier if you are rested. (And ladies don’t forget to check in your cycle, p-pill or not the hormones do rule the roost for most of us).

When did you last get cuddled?

Seriously when did you actually cuddle for over five minutes. Feeling loved makes us feel good and secure. When we are worn down that is exactly what we need to feel. We need to feel cosy and loved and safe. So find a friend, partner or even a parent or pet to cuddle with you for a bit. If you do not have any of the above then wrap yourself in duvets in a homemade pillow fort with an old cuddly toy (I know you have one. We all do).

When did you last get your blood rate pumping?

Al be it training, dancing to music or even sex, when did you last get the blood moving around your body? I am really bad at this one. Crank up the stero, visit the gym or the swimming pool, take the dog out for a walk or plan a night in with your partner! If you can get out in nature, do it (and no I am not advocating shagging in the wilderness, unless of course that is your thing, just stay legal). Seriously nature is one of the best healers and it’s free so go and connect.

When did you last laugh out loud?

Humor is a life saver. It makes everything feel better when you have had a good laugh. Watch your favourite films, check out the imugr collection of memes. Exercise your cheek muscles and howl until you can no more. If nothing else this will lift your mood quicker than all the other parts of the checklist above. (personally I love Miranda Hart, Robin Williams or even Betty Davis for a quick belly jiggling pick me up giggle).


Snapping is a really obvious sign that all is not well with us. And yes there is alot to it, often stress and unhappiness or security in your life. However if you ask yourself the five questions on my check list and make rebalancing these parts of your life you will find that you have more energy and capability to deal with the stickier parts of your life

Have a great week!

When the world is too irritating


#lifelessons101 – 3 Stages of recovery from heart ache

We have all been there. The love of our life walked out of the door, the unbreakable relationship broke and we are left with an aching heart in a confusing and disorientated world. (If you haven’t experienced this then be grateful and go and read something else on my blog!!) Heartache obviously is not just reserved for the ending of relationships; many experiences in life can lead us into the heartache state.

Recently I got asked is there anything that can help heartache. And the good news is, yes there is. I have a simple and effective 3 step recovery stage for those times where we feel like life will never be the same and we could never be happy again.  So if you world has crumbled around you and you can’t see the way out of your pain then try this recovery plan and take 3 positive steps to rebuilding your life the way you want it to be.

The Duvet Stage

This is the first stage. Slightly reminiscent of Bridget Jones post Daniel Cleever. At this stage you feel like crap and that is ok. You need to feel this low and plateau so you can come back up again. But don’t stay there too long. Give yourself a maximum of a week to indulge in your heartache. Build pillow forts, slob around in Pjs and eat what you want to eat, when you want to eat it; whilst watching films that will purge out the heartache in tears by the bucket load.

Dreaming a new life

Okay this is a slightly harder phase but it does get easier. Accept that whatever it was has happened. You can’t change the past just the future. Start this phase by cleaning your home ( you will probably need to after the duvet stage) and have a luxurious shower, pamper yourself. If you are going to start a new phase of your life you want to feel your best. Now get a pad and paper. If you have a list of old goals or a bucket list then grab those too cos it’s time to revamp them. Write a bucket list and a description of how you want your future to be and start visualizing some new goals. For more advice check out this article on goal setting. Dedicate some time to this another week should do it. Create a vision board and stick it right where you can see it everyday.


So all fired up it’s time to start the new phase of your life. And that meas you need to get outside of your home again. Plan some activities that you know you will like even if you don’t feel like enjoying yourself. Walks in the park, films, go to yoga, or even join an evening class. Plan things that are gonna keep you active. It’ great to see friends, but this does create the opportunity to get drawn into discussion about the heartache and at this stage you need to be occupied with fun not pain, You can be analysed by your friends and family later on when you are better equipped to deal with it. So tell them this and then ask them to join you in your fun adventures. Post pics of the memories you are creating on social media so you can see your funpacked life and feel good about it when your moods bring you down. One of the best things you can do is go and meet people that you didn’t know before. This means you don’t have to harp on about the past just concentrate on the now.


Obviously heartache won’t heal over 3 weeks. It takes time, and at a later stage you will need to process and learn from what has happened. The 3 steps are merely a way of motivating you forward and not letting heartache take over your life. Remember you choose your reactions in life and this is a way of choosing that will help you move forward positive and strong.

I hope this helps any  of you out there experiencing heartache right now. It will get better eventually. Follow the plan and once stage 3 is in motion you will find one day that you are smiling again.

Have a great weekend <3

little by little

#lifelessons101 – The power of anticipation (2 min read)

Tomorrow I am off on my holidays. Two whole weeks with friends, doing things I love. It’s going to be great. What has made it even better is that over the last year we have been preparing for this holiday and now its going to happen. Anticipation is one of the most motivating factors on the planet. You remember the pre christmas childhood frenzy of excitement? Even today I love looking at the presents under the tree, often much more exciting than the unwrapped thing (Especially when it is the traditional hair bands, socks and underwear Father Christmas has been bringing me for 30 + years!)

There is no denying it getting excited is part of the fun.  And neuroscience can now back this up. Scientists and psychologists have found that when we anticipate something our brain actually releases dopamine, the happy making compound in the body. So by looking forward to something we can actually feel happier. Feeling happy keeps us motivated.

Psychology professor at Harvard University, Ron Siegel, suggested that the key to following through on motivation boils down to this:bring optimism and fun back into the picture. And as we all know we can create our reality so it is up to us to create excitement and anticipation in our lives.

Here is my 5 part guide to building anticipation in your life whether it be for a holiday, a personal goal or even just finishing your essay on time.


I know, I go on about it all the time. However it’s true planning helps our lives in so many ways, not in the least it builds anticipation. When it comes to special times of the year I actually do a special type of planning, which does involve colouring pencils and glitter glue. (Nothing makes things as exciting as glitter glue I promise). In the holidays I wind down my ‘have to do’ activities and up the ‘want to do activities’. I make a gigantic poster with all of my ideas for fun during the time I have. i illustrate it (badly), decorate it and set it up in a place where I can see it every day. I usually do this a couple of weeks before the event so I can look at it and get excited. It takes a hour tops and really helps me focus on the fun I am going to create for me and my family. Which is why in week 30 you will find me on Moesgård beach holding a sandcastle competition with a bunch of grown ups – why? Because we can!

Make a countdown

Put the dates in your diary and countdown towards the event. Counting down every day builds the anticipation and gives you the butterfly feeling of something good coming your way. When I was recently getting demotivated at school counting down the weeks to the summer holidays helped no end. So cross of the days and feel your excitement build.

Think out of the box and have fun!

It’s great to live a life less ordinary. Personally I love it. However in reality my life isn’t really so different to other people’s I just choose to make it important to have fun. So fo example I am currently on day 12 of my two weeks of brunch. I decided that I was going to dedicate two weeks of my summer to only eating brunch, with the twist that everyday had to be a different recipe! It’s been great fun trawling pinterest for recipes and trying something new everyday. Eating later has also been relaxing during my down time. And this has been something purely for me everyday, I have even found myself excited about it when I woke up everyday. So think out of the box, find things that you will find fun  and get excited about them.

Reward yourself

Seriously do. I used to make for my step daughter a reward chart where she had certain tasks to fulfill but where she choose her own reward for when the chart was full. I have tried this on myself and it works just as well. Not only do I get a little dopamine boost for completing my tasks the reward becomes anticipated the more I work towards it. Make sure your rewards are healthy and support your lifestyle dreams. So gorging on ice cream as a reward for sticking to your diet for a month is not the way to go.


Celebrate what you do. I love to post on Facebook the parts of my life I enjoy. I even get compliments from people who like to follow my personal page just for the positive vibe I send out into the world. People say Facebook can be false because people only promote their positive sides however I say what the heck is wrong with that. Other ways I love to celebrate is to create a memory day or even just to have some bubbly with dinner. I love to share the wealth and if there is something I really want to celebrate I like to involve as many of my friends as I can to make it a really memorable experience.


The power of anticipation is a science backed fact. It is easy to implement. Costs nothing and makes life so much more fun. After all we only get one life, as the immortal Cat Stevens says “we are only dancing on this earth for a short time”. With that in mind  it becomes vitally important to make sure you enjoy your journey!

Anticipation is- the greatest part of pleasure.jpg

#lifelessons101 – Making memories

What is life without a little fun? I love adventure, new places and experiencing life. Just as I love these experiences I love looking back on them. Memories are important. Memories are things that you can treasure forever. You can share them with your family, friends, anyone you meet actually. Memories shape us, change us forever. If you make a memory with someone it becomes part of your shared life experience. It brings you closer together, and will last as long as you do. Personally I think memories are one of the most valuable gifts of life.

That’s why I advocate actively making memories at least once every month. The holidays are of course an easy time to make memories, but what about the rest of the year. Right now i imagine you are home from your holidays, Facebook full of your summer selfies. But in a month from now you will be in your everyday life and with the autumn coming hinting at the winter darkness you are going to need to boost your spirits and keep your motivation up. It’s time to make a memory!

Make a mini bucket list

A mini bucket list is a like the bigger version only is within the time limit of one year and something that takes only a day to do. On your list included all the fun things you would like to do in the coming year. Make it doable, within your budget and keep your focus on fun.

Plan your adventures

As soon as you have made your list set the date. Wherever possible spread the fun evenly through the year. Small pockets of fun to keep your spirits up and your inner Peter Pan happy. Plan each adventure before the date, invite someone to join you.

Take lots of pictures

While you are out making your memory take lots of pictures. I hate this stigma around taking selfies. Selfies are as much for yourself as to show the world what you are up to, as they are to remind you what you have been doing and where you’ve been. By taking pictures it is a way of celebrating the moment.

Seal the memory

This is my own particular slant on making memories. Experiencing stuff is one thing but remembering what you did and how you felt, that is the most important part of a memory. So when you get home seal the memory. Posting on Facebook is great because Facebook has the wonderful service of reminding you years after you have done something. I love to collect my memories. Ticket stubs, postcards, anything physical that reminds what I have been doing gets stored and at the end of the year scrap booked. Another way is to make a positive memory bank to store your memories in.


People say that it is in the stories of our lives that we live on. Which to me means that a life rich in memories is a life that will be remembered. Happiness is part of life sometimes we are lucky enough for it to appear, however sometimes we have to create it.

Go out and make a wonderful memory this weekend after living life to the full means enjoying your journey!


What is in your Memory Bank Is far more important than what is in your Bank.jpg



Happy Lammas !

Today is the celtic festival of Lammas – the first harvest. A great point in the year to stop and take stock and be thankful for the harvest we have manifested throughout the year.

May your harvest be abundant and beautiful <3