#lifelessons101 – Making memories

What is life without a little fun? I love adventure, new places and experiencing life. Just as I love these experiences I love looking back on them. Memories are important. Memories are things that you can treasure forever. You can share them with your family, friends, anyone you meet actually. Memories shape us, change us forever. If you make a memory with someone it becomes part of your shared life experience. It brings you closer together, and will last as long as you do. Personally I think memories are one of the most valuable gifts of life.

That’s why I advocate actively making memories at least once every month. The holidays are of course an easy time to make memories, but what about the rest of the year. Right now i imagine you are home from your holidays, Facebook full of your summer selfies. But in a month from now you will be in your everyday life and with the autumn coming hinting at the winter darkness you are going to need to boost your spirits and keep your motivation up. It’s time to make a memory!

Make a mini bucket list

A mini bucket list is a like the bigger version only is within the time limit of one year and something that takes only a day to do. On your list included all the fun things you would like to do in the coming year. Make it doable, within your budget and keep your focus on fun.

Plan your adventures

As soon as you have made your list set the date. Wherever possible spread the fun evenly through the year. Small pockets of fun to keep your spirits up and your inner Peter Pan happy. Plan each adventure before the date, invite someone to join you.

Take lots of pictures

While you are out making your memory take lots of pictures. I hate this stigma around taking selfies. Selfies are as much for yourself as to show the world what you are up to, as they are to remind you what you have been doing and where you’ve been. By taking pictures it is a way of celebrating the moment.

Seal the memory

This is my own particular slant on making memories. Experiencing stuff is one thing but remembering what you did and how you felt, that is the most important part of a memory. So when you get home seal the memory. Posting on Facebook is great because Facebook has the wonderful service of reminding you years after you have done something. I love to collect my memories. Ticket stubs, postcards, anything physical that reminds what I have been doing gets stored and at the end of the year scrap booked. Another way is to make a positive memory bank to store your memories in.


People say that it is in the stories of our lives that we live on. Which to me means that a life rich in memories is a life that will be remembered. Happiness is part of life sometimes we are lucky enough for it to appear, however sometimes we have to create it.

Go out and make a wonderful memory this weekend after living life to the full means enjoying your journey!


What is in your Memory Bank Is far more important than what is in your Bank.jpg



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