#lifelessons101: Finding your integrity

This week I was supposed to be hosting an important event – the first meeting of a new women’s circle in my local library. I was so excited to be taking on the challenge of creating a new sacred space for women in a traditional male dominated community. However due to miscommunications it has now been postponed for one month. And honestly I am feeling glad. Why? you might ask. Well it was all to do with this month’s theme. Integrity.

It might seem strange. Integrity is a positive thing. Living a life of integrity, or coming from a place of integrity is powerful. Yet have you ever stopped to think what integrity means to you? How do you live your life from a place of integrity? Honestly these questions stopped me flat. For two weeks I have been mulling this theme around and around in my mind and I have to admit it’s made me feel uncomfortable.

As I thought about it I realised that actually although on the surface I do live a life of integrity when I began to look deeper I realised that that’s not always the case. Integrity to some people means doing the right thing, and yes that is part of it. However for me integrity is much more than that. It is a sense of wholeness. Being in the flow of living from one’s truth and walking your talk. It’s hard to explain but if you remember that uncomfortable feeling you had as a child when not telling the truth, that is the opposite of living in integrity.

So through some google-fu, university youtube and a lot of soul searching here is my guide to finding your integrity. If I am to be completely truthful this article has been researched and written for my own benefit, if it helps and inspires you then that is an added bonus!

Define your core values

In 3 words define your core values. Sounds simple, I promise you this is the most challenging part of the journey. In order to live your truth you need to know what your truth is. Cutting it down to three words keeps you focused and keeps it simple.

Make an agreement with yourself that you are choosing to live your life in harmony with these core values.

Who are you?

Are you the kind of person you say you are? We all have personal narratives, stories we tell about ourselves. Have a look at that. What is it you put out into the world? What is it you tell the world about you? Are you actually living your life as the person you say you are? And most importantly is that person living in harmony with your core values?

Identify your untruths

Somewhere you will be living little lies that are not inline with your core values Find them. Identify them. You will probably find that here are areas of your life that you don’t like and that actually have created a lack of trust in yourself. Find out your weak areas so you can tidy them up.

Vision and action inspiration

It is not enough just to think we also have to do. Walking your talk is a BIG part of living a life of integrity. Create a personal vision statement that gives you clarity about your beliefs and will lead you to become the person you’ve always wanted to be. Then brainstorm certain actions you can take which will align your daily life with your core values and vision of yourself. If you like you can brainstorm for certain areas of your life such as family, work, myself etc etc.
Put it all into practise

Living with integrity means living consciously, making decisions that are in line with our core values and doing what we believe is right. So now you know your core and have ideas for your actions go out and do them. Don’t worry if you make mistakes just bring yourself back on track and if you need to tidy up your mistakes. Keep your agreements. Speak and live your truths and take responsibility for yourself and your life.


You have inside of you a little voice (or jiminey cricket if you prefer a visual representation) that will tell you when you are not living in tune with your integrity so learn to listen to it. The more you try to hear it the easier it will become. Reclaim your integrity this weekend and go back to work rested and ready to show the world you respect yourself enough to live your truth and I am certain the world will begin to respect you a hundred times more than it did on friday!

HAppy Weekend  – Enjoy your journey <3

To live life with INTEGRITY means never forgettingwho you are

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