#lifelessons101 – I should have stayed in bed today! How to turn it around

Today has so far been a nightmare.It’s just one of those days when everything seems to be going wrong. I mixed up appointments, I seem  to be surrounded by idiots and everything, EVERYTHING is taking to long. Today I am not in flow, I guess you can relate. Today is a day when I should have stayed in bed! However I choose not to have a rubbish day. Granted on a day like this positive thinking is harder and the victim stance seems so much more comforting however if you can override that and change things around think how much happier you will feel.

So what can you do on a day like this to turn it around? My first thought is to head back home find my duvet and build a pillow fort. Unfortunately not possible. If I could I would and I recommend it to you if you can. If however you like me are have a downright rubbish day and there are many hours between you that glass of wine and your duvet there’s actually plenty of things you can do to take charge and make the day great again.

Downsize your to do list

The first thing to do is release some pressure on yourself. Look at your ‘Todo’ list. On on it there will be A tasks- things most needed to get done. B tasks things you can leave until tomorrow, D tasks things you can delegate and  X tasks things you can leave until next week. Resort that todo list and see where you can make the day easier for yourself. concentrate on your A tasks. Delegate the D tasks and leave the rest behind.

Count to 10

People are uber annoying on a rubbish day. It can be seriously hard not to bite their heads off. But remember you catch more flies with sugar so count to 10 before responding to someone who is irritating, pause before you send that curt email response to your boss or reprimand the kids. Are they really being annoying? Or is it because you are not feeling 100% that this bugs you too much. On a day like this try not to take everything personally.

Notice the good

No matter what kind of day you are having there will be something good in it. Something that went right or made you smile when you least expected it. Look for it and be thankful. Counting our blessings helps change your mood from positive to negative. This is great to do periodically during the day or just before you go to sleep.

Plan some relaxation for this evening.

No matter what you have to do take at least 30 mins for yourself. Read a book, watch a series, take a long bath. Do something that is going to relax you and allows you to wind down as much as possible.

Be kind to yourself.

You are having a bad day the last thing you need is someone on your back telling how crappy you are. And usually the person doing this is you. So stop it. If that negative judging voice pops up say NO and go back to thinking about what is working for you today.
Achieve something small

There will be some simple task you have that you can complete today. I clean when things are going wrong. No matter what is happening I can clean my kitchen and I have managed to achieve something. Go me! Try it, it really works.

Plan a treat for the evening

If you are stuck at work in this hard ass day then you maybe longing for clock off time. Plan a reward for yourself at the end of your day, a cupcake, pint, movie, sauna. Something that is easy to do and will reward you for getting through this mother of days.

Build a pillow fort or a duvet burrito

If it all goes completely wrong and by the time you go home you are as drained as a dishrag. Go for the pillow fort or the burrito duvet options. Being wrapped up in something squashy for 1 hour makes us feel safe and incontrol and cared for. So snuggle up and feel good for a while you have earnt it!


Laughter is the best medicine for most down in the dumps days. Laughing yoga is not for everyone however it is a great cathartic healing experience. If you are not quite ready for laughing yoga grab a garfield comic, find a Jim Carey movie or choose my favourite go to giggle place Miranda. You tube is full of funny videos designed to make you chuckle. So have a laugh it will do you so much good.


Some days are just awrful we know that but we can always choose to turn them around. Respond don’t react and you will find by the end of the day you are smiling again, achieved things in the face of adversity and given yourself a chance to relax. And hey tomorrow is fresh day with no mistakes in it.

Have a great weekend <3

The Pillow Fort

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