How and when do you feel most alive? Connecting with your soul

This weekend I heard what is now one of my most favourite quote “I am a spirit having a human experience”. You might think that sounds like a lot of hippie mumbo jumbo, however bear with me and I’ll explain. What this means is that I am not a human body that happens to have has a spirit or a soul, it means I am a spirit or a soul that lives within a human body. I know mind blowing logic right?!

We all know that we have a soul living inside our body, but how often are we reminded of it? How often do we take the time to experience it and appreciate it? How often do we connect with it. I am lucky and have been given the gift of being aware of my soul, connecting and experiencing how it feels to be myself beautifully on the inside. It really is one of the most powerful and healingpractises I have found. And reality it is really very simple. When I make the time for it! In a nutshell I just have to take the time, be conscious and look inside myself. Beyond the mundane daily life and roles. Beyond the fears and the doubts, the stresses and worries. Right there in the center of my body isthis beautiful, illuminating spirit or soul. The same lust for life and energy I had from the moment I stepped into my body. It is empowering to connect with.

Connecting with my soul, my authentic self is one of the most powerful things I have ever experiences. You know the illustrious authentic self that everyone talks about. Well this is it. And I can only describe it as feeling alive. Feeling so full of life that it feels as though I would burst. And the great thing is this part of me (and of you) is there all the time. Even when we feel stressed, bogged down or just got out of bed on the wrong side our aliveness is still there deep inside our body.  The ultimate medicine is right inside the core of us. And is as easily accessible as the oxygen we breath.

But how do we do this? How do we connect with our soul. As I said before it is actually quite simple. The connecting at least. The challenging part is to remember it in the midst of our daily lives.  It is a big journey starting with a small step. It is not something I am a master at however here is a introductory guide of how to initiate this connection within yourself and guidelines on how to maintain that connection daily.

Remember and realising

Remembering and realising is the act of remembering you are a living being. YEs you biologically grew as an organism in your mother’s womb. However this is not the be all and end all of being alive. Our spirit, our soul is the part of us that choose to be us. That makes us who we are. It is our own special spark in life and is only here as long as we are. Remembering and realising is the first step.

Consciously connecting with your soul

So now you have remembered it is there you need to check in. Close your eyes and breath deeply in and out. Begin to search within. Some of you may see a minds eye picture, a colour or feel a strong emotion. I was guided to find a light within the center of my body however I think it’s best to find your own picture, Keep searching until you feel the connection (a bit like a charger connecting with a phone). Hold that feeling and allow it flow through your entire body. (In my meditation it was the light filling the body, but again your own instinct is best). When you feel full of this feeling. Take some deep and slow breaths. Slowly allow your awareness to come back to the room you are in. Move your fingers and toes and when you are ready open your eyes. Feels great right? Connection is the second step.

Notice when you unconsciously connect with your soul

Now you know how it feels to connect with your soul. that feeling of ultimately being alive, you can now see where you have unconsciously connect with your soul in your everyday life. Think about when and how you feel most alive. Make a list starting each sentence with ‘I feel most alive when…..’ Personally when I did this I was amazed at how often I connected with my soul. When I dance, when I love, when I draw and when I write, as well as when I laugh and practise gratitude, also when I grieve. It is amazing how many moments in our life where we are connected and experience life without being aware. Noticing when you unconscious connect with your soul is the 3rd step.

Practising the habit of connection

Now you know how to connect the trick is for this to become a habit. That you can consciously connect whenever you want to. To live from a place of being connected and aware of your soul. I have been advised to connect with my soul every day. As I awaken and set my intention throughout the day. And then to return to that connection throughout the day. And that seems logical enough to me. Connecting and stepping into my authentic self every day. However I can’t help also thinking about how often I unconsciously connect with my soul and I wonder that maybe giving myself the opportunity to do that more often might also support me to live from this conscious and alive place. SO I believe that by connecting daily AND doing more of the things that enable me to connect will grow this habit. So practising the habit of connection is the 4th step.


You may be wondering why is it important to connect with your soul and live consciously connected well I can only offer my opinion here. Living in connection with my soul, as I see it my purest connected self gives me the opportunity to experience life to the max everyday. It brings me intense joy, and makes me appreciate constantly the gift which is my life. And when you live a life where you appreciate each moment, your life’s journey is truly a beautiful thing. So I challenge you all to go out today and  connect with your soul and find out how and when you truly feel most alive. Then simply enjoy it.

HAve a great week <3

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