#lifelessons101 – 5 incredibly powerful self love habits


This week has all been about self-love for me and my clients. We have been committing to the act of loving ourselves and making that our primary focus of our week. It’s been amazing and I do feel filled with confidence, empowered and in that pink hazy bubble of love you get in a relationship, the only difference is that this time it is with myself!

Over this week we have been trying different practices. Simple, easy and practical actions we could take to strengthen our self-love. And the results are in! 

Here are the most powerful 5 self-love habits that you can practice to connect with the powerful and magical force which is loving yourself.

Change the record

You know the one. That voice inside of your head that keeps telling you that you are no good. On repeat. Again and again and again.

That voice needs to go. It’s time to change the record.

But how? 

One of my clients this week had great success with a written exercise that drowned out the negative voices into nonexistence in only a week!

She carried a small notebook wherever she went and as soon as her brain said I am not good at…. She wrote in her book 2 sentences.

I am not good at …………………….. But I am good at ……………………………

The things she was good at, did not have to be gigantic things. So, for example, a sentence could be;

I am not good at sales but I am good at helping my colleagues

I am not good at dancing but I am good at baking.

Quick simple and very ,very effective.


Find your Pride!

 many of us find it easy to be proud of ourselves. About others, yes. Ourselves, no way. So I challenge you to try this. Every day write down in a notebook 2-3 things you are proud of yourself of. It doesn’t have to be huge. Maybe you went to work even though you felt ill. You did the washing up when you wanted to sit and do nothing. Or it could be something big too. In your journal write out each sentence within full – e.g.

I am proud of myself today for……………………..

Being proud of ourselves gives us a little dopamine hit (similar to the feeling of leveling up in a game). A little positivity boost to brighten your day and your self-love at the same time.


Me time is neccesary & important

Make me – time  important

On the todo list what we really want to do (and often what we really need ends up at the bottom of the list). You make your partner, your kids, your work important, without you none of this could work. So why not make yourself important too? Setting time aside in your day and planning how you will use that time is really important. I find that making one evening or a couple of hours or even 30 mins for self-care a weekly activity is a beautiful way to show yourself some love and give yourself and your family some needed r and r.

3 mins of Daily self-love worksheet


My new favorite thing! Jessica Mullen made this wonderful concept. It is a great way to start or end the day by being kind and loving to yourself. I would highly recommend doing this every day it takes 3 mins and is an amazing self-love booster.


Send you a love letter

We all love reading letters (especially as letters that are not bills are so rare these days). On the 1st May every year I write myself a love letter. And then I read it out loud. It always starts “Dear Emma-Jane” and it always ends “I will always be here for you. I love you

Writing and reading to yourself is incredibly powerful. I would be lying if I said I had never cried during this process. When you write to yourself you know exactly what it is you want someone who loves you to say and then you say it.

If you could write yourself a letter, what would you tell yourself?

When you practice self love you hold yourself in high esteem, you enjoy life more and a have positive attitude toward the future.  Something we all need right now.

When you love yourself, you accept yourself. You take pride in yourself.  And other people will too. It spreads. Self-love not only feeds your soul, but your spirit, and emotional well-being. Effecting not just you but your communitytoo.

And most importantly it frees you up from the negative extra weight low confidence brings, allowing you to do, be and have whatever you want from life.

Now I want to hear from you! 

Which of these 5 Self-love actions will you try today? 

I guarantee if you do one today you will want to do one tomorrow, and the next day and the next and the next!

Like this article, comment and share, let’s get a wave of self love going across the planet this weekend

Remember wherever you are whatever you are doing the most important thing is to enjoy yourjourney

Sending love 

Emma-Jane <3

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