Spring is here, it’s the time for action!

Spring into action

Well unless you have been asleep for the last few weeks you can’t have failed to notice that Spring is well and truly here! Bringing with it a burst of colour and energy. It is time for us to shake off the sleepiness of winter, discard our winter warm layers and step into this time of action.

When you look around in nature Spring is simply a hive of activity. Everything is growing, new animals are being born and the birds are busying about. Spring must have come as such a relief to our ancestors. Imagine being stuck inside during the dark of winter. The house full to burst with people and very little light. Getting back to the longer and lighter days must have been a blessing in itself. Not to mention the promise of good food to come as the ploughing and planting season begun.


Hello Spring!

Of course in our lives today we are far removed from that cycle of land and the necessity of following the farming year. However, we still feel the energy boost that spring brings to our lives. The energy of growth and renewal. And when we harness that energy and connect with it the Spring brings with it so many opportunities. Primarily the opportunity to spring into action!

So how to harness the exhilarating renewal and growth energy of Spring? There is no better way than mirroring what is happening in nature and applying those principles to your own life.  Spring energy is threefold it includes:

  • Clearing
  • Renewal
  • Growth / action

To help you get connecting to Spring, here are some ideas of how you can practically apply and harness this energy within your own life and spring into action!  


The Spring Clean. It’s an oldie but a goodie. Humans have been Spring Cleaning this for centuries. On the land gardeners and farmers are clearing the winter debris so they can plant the new seeds. So too can we shake out the debris of our winter hibernation and simplify our lives. There are many ways to do this here’s a few ideas to get started:


Clear out the clutter and make space for something new

  • Spring clean your home, your wardrobe or your garden.
  • Empty out the drawers in your office desk and only put back in what you really need.
  • Clear out your handbag or your car.
  • Clean up your digital files and post those numerous pics on Facebook you have meaning to do for months.
  • Get your diary organised and get a handle on the year to come
  • Do a diet cleanse and clear up your body from the inside out
  • Clear up your relationships and cut away the toxic relationships that don’t serve you
  • Clean your windows
  • Unsubscribe to excess newsletters
  • Make a budget and clean up your expenses
  • Start meditation in the morning or evenings to clear your mind
  • Clean up your day by following a time management plan or just cutting down on social media time.


Many of last years, bulbs and plants are beginning to grow new shoots. Stretching for the sun’s warmth. Similarly we have the need to reach for the sunlight and renew our energy a fresh. Renewal in life means that we need to check in and reassess and then commit to new actions to move forward. Plus taking a little r and r along the way to boost your energy.

You could:

  • Allow yourself to let go of the past to make room for new things to come into your life.
  • Commit to making decisions you’ve been putting off.
  • Challenge limiting beliefs about yourself and about how things should be.
  • Do an an integrity check and make sure that you are really on track in your life.
  • Assess the progress of your yearly goals and make commitments to their manifestation
  • Go outside and soak up the sun whenever it is shining for an energy boost
  • Take a weekend break and indulge in a little r and r
  • Try a different daily or weekly routine
  • Share tasks out that drain your energy to make them easier to get done
  • Adopt an attitude of optimism for a week
  • Dedicate 10 mins every day to doing something that brings you joy
  • Give your diet of boost of nourishment


Soak up the spring sun and renew your energy

Growth/ Action

The energy boost of growth in nature is insanely powerful at Spring. There is an almost overwhelming urgency to grow. Often around Spring people desire change in their life. But we cannot wait expectantly for our lives to change if we are unwilling to take some action.

As Henry Rollins said “In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move.” So it’s time to harness the power of urgency and get moving!

You could:

  • Revamp that fitness routine
  • Recommit to the new year’s resolutions you have forgotten to follow through with
  • Focus on one project to completion.
  • Adopt a self care routine
  • Get broken stuff fixed albeit it physical or emotional
  • Break out of your comfort zone and try something you have never tried before
  • Expand your social circle or see some friends you haven’t seen for a long time
  • Plant some seeds
  • Feng shui your house
  • Do something you always wanted to do, but never dared to
  • Start an appreciation or gratitude practice
  • Change your morning routine


Connect with growth energy by planting something

Just like Spring cleaning your home, connecting with Spring energy doesn’t have to be a ton of work, you can pick and choose the areas that need cleaned the most (or are the most urgent). If you can only commit to doing one thing then do that thing to the fullest. Most importantly embrace the season. And let Spring be your season of simplifying, change and action.  So that you can grow and blossom as your most beautiful self.

How will you connect with Spring energy this year?

Let me know in the comments below.

Have a beautiful week 

<3 Emma-Jane


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