#Lifelessons101- Recovering from a week of Hell

It has not been my week!

I am sure you have been there. The week from hell where the universe is just piling up crap all at once and you feel helpless. Personally I want to hide under the duvet and lick my wounds and have people bring me crumpets and chocolate. 

However, I know that the only way I am going to feel better it’s to take charge of my recovery and see if I can’t turn hell into happiness.


Me. And Only Me. Is going to turn this around. (Of course if someone has a desire to bring me crumpets and chocolate I am not going to say no!) After a week of hell I know that both a combination of practical self care and mental boosting is going to get me over this bump and feeling happier. 

Here are some of the strategies that I am applying right here and right now to find some happiness after hell. I hope they help you if you have been battling the universe throwing crap at you this week.

The Pollyanna

If you saw the film, or read the book, you will know that Pollyanna always tried to see the good in a situation and played the glad game to make herself and others feel better. It feels impossible until you try it. For every bad thing try and find something good that came out of it. I might not be possible with everything but give it a go. So here’s mine:


  • My workshop got double booked I managed to understand a new way to communicate and I met with 2 lovely people.
  • I was attacked on a train platform- Well I actually got to sit in first class and drive a train because a kind guard took pity on me and moved me to a place of safety. And by reporting it to the police someone who is obviously psychologically ill (attacking a stranger for nothing) will maybe get access to the help they need.
  • I lost my key which gave a chance to cry and let go of my frustration from the whole week. I really needed that.

Those things I can honestly feel glad about despite it all. 

Aggressive Self Care

When it’s been a hell week you HAVE to prioritise your physical and mental health. Let me stress that again prioritise your physical and mental health. Going to that party and drinking will probably help in the short term but not in the long term. Treat your recovery from a hell week the same as you would treat recovery from being ill. Cancel your plans. Delegate as much as you can. And keep the things that are you absolutely have to do to a minimum. Invest time into your recovery. Have a hot bath, order takeout instead of trying to cook a huge dinner, ask your partner if they could take the kids so you can have some alone time. Even if that is just to sleep. Do simple things, tasks that give you energy and give yourself a break.


Mr T and I were supposed to be going to the annual local animation festival tomorrow and spending a whole day out. I always love it. But this week I just want to sleep and be cosy in the garden. We might pop down to see the retro games lounge but seeing lots of films and visiting exhibitions is not going to make me feel great right now. Pootling in the garden on saturday, listening to jazz and wearing PJ’s all sunday, watching WALL-E on my sofa and having a facemask will.  So that is exactly what I am going to do. 

Boost your self confidence

One of the worst things about a hell week is the way it leaves you feeling like you can’t do anything right. That you are powerless in your life. It’s a horrible feeling. And if we are not careful it can give a beautiful opening for a ‘poor little me’ victim complex to take over. Leaving us feeling bitter and tired. The only way you can get over this is too remind yourself how great and accomplished you are. Grab a piece of paper and look back through the previous year. No matter how you feel right now there will have been something you have achieved this year. Brainstorm those achievements. They don’t all have to be BIG. Anything you feel proud of yourself for put it down on paper. Now have a look. See this is just a glitch. You can do a lot and don’t you ever let anyone, including yourself, tell you any different!

A hell week is of those rubbish, crappy times that  we all go through. But that’s the point WE DO GET THROUGH IT. By investing time in your recovery from a week of hell is going to get you through it 10 times quicker than pushing yourself to work even harder or block it out with booz or other vices. 

These rubbish times are the bits that make the beautiful parts of life even more beautiful. I know that sounds like a cliche but it is true. When you get over this you will feel so much better and stronger.  And you will get through it.

So pave your way to feeling happier by allowing yourself the time you need to recover from the week of hell. 

If anyone wants me this weekend you will find me in my garden or my pillowfort, you are welcome to pull up a blanket and join me in some healthy recovery r and r. 

Wishing you a happy weekend 

Love  Emma-Jane <3 

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