#Life lessons 101 – How to find your balance and ride the wave when life starts going wibbly wobbly

Sometimes life just goes wibbly wobbly. You know what I mean. There hasn’t been a big trauma or drama, you are not having to fight for survival. Things are just out of balance and you can’t seem to get on top. Your energy goes low, you feel out of sorts, restless and frustrated. Personally I have been feeling wibbly wobbly all week. And I am not alone. Almost everyone I have seen this week is in a similar place. Now this maybe a seasonal epidemic as we transition through autumn or it may simply be a case of attracting what I sending out into the universe. Who knows? And more importantly how do I get my life back together anyways? 

Well funnily enough surfers have the answer.

Life going wibbly wobbly is just like a bad day of surfing with inconsistent swell patterns and messy waves. On days like that surfers miss easy waves, sometimes even smack themselves in the face with their boards and generally decide they are the worst surfer in the world EVER. Just like me in my wibbly wobbly life they can’t ride the tide and the feeling makes you want to give up. 

But as any surfer will tell you the key to riding that tide and coming back from a run of bad surfs,  is finding your balance. And that means getting out of the water and off the board. It’s the same thing that helps you to find the balance when life is going wibbly wobbly. 

The only way to stop this wibbly wobbly feeling is to break the cycle, re center, re:root and find my point of balance. 

We all have a point of balance. It’s different from person to person, but it’s there. Physically and emotionally. But how to find it? 

Personally as I practice seasonal spirituality I tend to take my cues from nature. So looking round right now nature is in transition. Autumn hasn’t really hit and winter is already creeping in. I am stuck between wanting to hibernate and fighting to move forward. Balance is about navigating transition – rather than trying to ‘nail’ a spot and (desperately…er…um) gracefully hoping to stay in it or stay on my board. Balance is my core and center. The point inside me where everything is interconnected. Life being wibbly wobbly means that somewhere something is off inside of me and that’s where I have to focus to be able to ride the tide. And what nature is telling me right is that I need to let go just as it is letting go of its leaves. I need to wind down as the sap begins to slow down it’s flow. I need to strip back to my essence just as the trees are beginning to show the skeleton of their trunks and branches. In essence to find my point of balance I need to stop fighting so hard, let go , slow down and connect with my essence. And that for me is sleep, hearth, home, yoga and creativity. And that is what intend to focus on.

That works for me but as I said everyone’s point of balance is different. So how do you find your point of balance? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Get off the board and out of the water

Take a tip from the surfers and get off your board and out of the water. If things are going wibbly wobbly that the universe is trying to tell you something. You are not going to hear the message if you just keep on going. Stop. Whatever it is you are doing. Turn off the phone, close down the computer and reconnect with you. Ask yourself what is causing me to be out of balance right now? A great way to do this is to use the Wheel of Life Tool. It’s a great check in tool which will help you quickly identify what is going on. 

Here is a free online Wheel of Life you can use in less than 2 minutes to check in with your self.

Do a physical MOT

For finding my point of balance for me often means looking at how am I taking care of my body. Like when your car gets an MOT we need to got through a checklist of self care. 

Have I been sleeping enough? 

Have I been eating properly? 

Have I been winding down enough? 

Have I been moving my body enough?

Basically do a check in with you physiological needs. If you are fulfilling one of those needs then that is where you have to focus right now. The car won’t run without a regular intake of fuel oil and water. Neither will you. Make sure you are taking care of your personal engine. 

Find what balances you

In order to be inbalance you need to know what balances you. Have a look at both when you last felt in balance and the things that make you feel grounded and in yourself. It could be that being in nature re balances you or spending time with the family. It could be that it is important for you to get things done or to live in keeping with your values. Or it might be meditation or talking with your best friend. Brainstorm a list and then take a look. When did you last do these things? Choose a couple that you feel are the most important to you and do them. As soon as possible. This week. Even right now!


Rebalancing takes time and energy.  You have to consciously choose it and prioritise it. As I was writing this article, I made the decision that for the next few hours work can wait. I need to wind down and recharge. So now I am laying on squishy pile of cushions with my duvet at hand and candles lit. As soon as I finish this I am going to take a nap and then do some yoga. Learning from nature letting go and winding down so that I can ride the wave tomorrow.

How will you connect with your point of balance this weekend? 

Have a lovely weekend

<3 Emma-Jane

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