5 Things you can do to take charge of your life and blow away the grey clouds of dissatisfaction. Right HERE and Right NOW.

Sometimes life just feels bad on every level. At home, at work, your finances, your health. It feels like wherever you look there is a new problem. You can’t achieve your goals, you are frustrated and unhappy. The sky feels permanently full of grey and heavy storm clouds. And boy does it suck. 

Good news number one is YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 

We have all been at this point in our lives sometime or another. And it does get better. And if you like you can just continue waiting for it to get better. It might be a long wait. However if you don’t want to just sit and wait, there is another option. 

And I know that sounds overwhelming. But it is actually easier than you would think. A decision to take charge. A change of mindset. And some definitive problem solving action is what it takes.

After all it’s your life. Right?

If you are not happy then it’s up to you to change it. So take charge.

Here are 5 things you can do to take charge of your life. Right here and right now.

Know you can take charge

You gotta know it. And I am not saying believe it. I am saying know it. Take a step back and look. Whatever is not working right now forget it. Look back. Everything in your life that led you up to this moment you decided. You maybe didn’t decide what happened to you. But you did choose how to respond to it. And somewhere in all of that you will be able to see something you did where you took charge of your own life and succeeded. A choice of job, A relationship. A breakup. A hobby you loved. A book you read. Something you said or did that helped someone else. You have had a success in your past my friend. Not because of someone else taking charge but because of you taking charge. And if you did it once you can do it again. 

Analyse what is not working

Take another step back. Look at what is not working and ask yourself why? And don’t do this in your head do it on paper. You need to get some objectivity. So put it on paper. Get clear about what’s not working and why it isn’t working. And don’t just take the instant obvious answer, look beyond it. So if it’s your relationship. Don’t just say it’s his fault for not helping with the dishes, the washing etc look beyond that why else isn’t it working. Will the relationship magical work if he does the washing? Probably not. Your irritation with the lack of help probably hides a deeper issue. Find out what is going on. 

Identify what is in your control

Look at your answers and work out which why’s can you do something about? Somethings are out of our control (well kinda, I’ll get to that in a minute). Somethings we can do something about when we step out of victim and into in charge. And be honest with yourself. You may think oh I can’t do anything about Julie at work being so annoying. Uh huh. Not true. You could have a talk with her, find out what is going on. Change your way of dealing with her. Or if it is really necessary to involve a manager to find a resolution. If you are honest about it you will be find something you can do about every issue. 

Make a plan

Now you know what you can do about your challenges you can start to make a plan of how to fix it. Make this practical and actionable.  So if the issues is your job. And the reason why you are unhappy is because people keep getting promoted above you. Then the action plan could include calling your boss to a meeting and finding out why you are not getting promoted and what to do about it or asking for more responsibility or maybe finding a job where you feel more inspired. A step by step plan makes it easier to take charge because you know where you are heading. 

Start with the most necessary

Of all the big grey clouds in your life one will be the biggest and the greyest. That is the issue that is really the most necessary to deal with. If you can turn that cloud white then the others will not seem as dark. Trust me. So choose that ugly one to start with. So grit your teeth and take charge and follow your plan. 

Start right now

Do one thing right now that will help you solve the issue. I mean it. Throw yourself in. Putting it off until tomorrow is not going to work. The you are just playing the waiting game. Look at your plan. Find one small thing you can do right now and do it. Then do the next. And the next.

Taking charge of your life can be intimidating, but I promise you have the strength within you to make it happen. You have just got to take the bull by the horns, grit your teeth,  and take charge.

Don’t waste your time waiting for it to get, because there’s a life you’ll absolutely love waiting for you on the other side of all the grey clouds why waste your time waiting when you could be enjoying it. 

Have a lovely week 

<3 Emma-Jane

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