December without Stress

A December free of Stress – Yuletide time management to take your cares away

The holidays are coming! Yep this week we hit December and the build up begins in earnest. (No matter how hard the shops have been plugging it since pre halloween.) And no matter how organised you are in life this month is always a hectic one because you have so much extra to do. It’s a rapidly approaching stress pile up.


But what if I told you with a little yuletide time management you could have a stress free December? 


Wouldn’t that be great. Well I have a tool for you today that will do just that. I found this a few years back on a blog ( I can’t find it now so my apologies for not crediting the creator). I have tweaked it and found that this system keeps me focused, gets stuff done AND gives me the down time I need over the holidays to re charge for the coming year. 


Let me show you how it is done !

Step 1: Make a humongous to do list.

This seems overwhelming but trust me it will be ok. Write out everything you need and want to do in the run up to and over the holidays. Get it all on paper and out of your head.

Step 2: Make a month calendar frame

So you can do this on your computer or if you are like me and prefer paper then do it on paper.  Create a row for every week and a column for every day. And then split each day into 2 categories. Day and evening. It should look something like this.

December without Stress Calender

Step 3: Plot in the fixed activities

Start by plotting in the fixed activities work, regular commitments etc. If you have a special project or deadline coming up write that in as well.

December without Stress

Step 4: Plot in the social activities

Now plot in all social activities such as Christmas parties, family visits the school play. And the fun stuff you want to do over the holidays.

December without Stress

Step 5: Put in your breaks

This is really important. All of our extra social commitments are going to make us tired. So after social commitments block out some down time like this

December without Stress

Step 6: Add your Holiday prep

Now in the spaces where it is logical put in the holiday prep. So you may have shopping to do. You might want to pre make some of the holiday food. So plot in your holiday prep.

And Voila! You are done. The whole of your December is planned out with your daily priorities defined. All you do it follow the plan! 

It really is that simple. 

I have actually adapted this for my monthly planning and use it every month. However at this time of year I really need it more than ever and it keeps my December Stress free and my energy levels up. And that my friends is so much more preferable than the burnt out headless chicken I used to be every December. 

Give yourself this present of a stress free December with a little Yuletide time management and you will be able to put your feet up and enjoy the holidays!

Have a great week 

Love Emma-Jane <3

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