Wish for the world 2020

My Wish for the World in 2020

 With 2020 just around the corner my mind begins to amble to the New Year. And as I begin to dream of the future I feel a wish growing in my heart that I simply had to share. Here is my wish for 2020. I hope it inspires you.

I have a wish for the world that with all my heart I wish would come true. So 2020 here is my dream for you. 

Let this be the year of joy, action and hope.

The year where every person both small and tall realises that they have the power within to create their path. That in our own unique way we have a gift within us to give to the world and the way to give it becomes clearer. That this year we stop giving our power to other people. That we stop blaming this, that or the other for life not going our way. Instead we take the  responsibility into our own two hands and create the life we want. 

That instead of human beings, we become humans doing.

That as one breath, as one nation of humans on this earth we break down the barriers of mistrust, selfishness and self centeredness and begin to work together to create a better world. That we spread kindness instead of hatred. Help instead of hindrance. And empowerment instead of control. That instead of choosing what is right for me, we choose what is right for all. That we see beyond our own four walls, our own TV, our computer screen and begin to see the bigger picture and how we all play a part in shaping not only the here and now but also the future.

There is magic in this world, if we choose to be it.

Imagine that if every person in the world set out to be kind just once a day to a person, an animal or to nature itself what a beautiful world this would be. What hope that would spread. What an inspiration for the generations to come after us. What a world we could build from kindness, understanding and acceptance.

My hope is that in 2020 we begin to build that world.

That those internet trolls wake up to find they can use their voice to inspire instead of criticising.  The business people who destroy the environment begin to see the profit in sustainability. That dictators begin to understand the power of leadership rather than dominance. And the narrow minded begin to look beyond the surface to see the beauty within.

I believe in my heart of hearts that this is possible.

And it is possible because it begins with you and me. All a person can do in this life is to treat others, human, animal or nature itself the way in which we would like to be treated ourselves. And when we shine from taking responsibility for our actions, moving from a place of kindness and willingness to understand, looking at the big picture we have the power to change lives. 

Each action we take in life is inspiration to another human being.

We, like any other pack animal, likes to belong, to be part of the pack. It brings us joy. So by taking action and inspiring others we can create a stronger pack, stronger tribe, stronger species, a stronger world.

My wish for 2020 is that each of us takes actions which will inspire.

And with each small action, each moment of inspiration, the world will begin to change.  

If we all did it at once. All together. How powerful would that change be? 

There would be no place for the corrupt, the greedy powermoungers. No place for those that would destroy, suppress or dominant in the name of profit.

So my deepest wish for 2020 is that we become the magic in the world we wish to see.

That with each action we take we inspire, create joy and hope. That we bring light to the world by embracing our power and take responsibility for the part we play in creating a better here and now for us all to enjoy and for future generations to celebrate.

What is your wish for the world in 2020?

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  1. Renee/Heart Tokens says:

    I wish you the same Hephzibah! And my wish for the new year is that a lot of promises that people are standing on get answered! Loved ones find their way into His fold. More joy and peace for the year! 🙂

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