How to hear what the universe is trying to tell you

How to hear what the universe is trying to tell you

If there is one thing in life I know to be true it is that life is constantly teaching us lessons and sending us signs. These lessons are not the sort you find in a book or on a You Tube video. They are messages or signs if you like from the universe that if you do notice them and listen will guide you on the right path in life. 

Another thing I know to be true is the universe doesn’t always make it easy to find these lessons. The universe/life works in mysterious ways. There is no universal translator. As the universe talks in experience not in words like we do.

Sometimes it's easy to hear the universe

Think about where you are in life right now. Try and focus on one point in your life. Maybe your work, your relationship or even reading this article. Now how did you get there? Trace the story back through the events that led to you being in this situation. Somewhere along that journey you will find a pattern. Something that keeps popping up again and again. That there is what I am talking about. That is the sign or the lesson that guided you to where you are.

If you are still unsure what I mean let me give you an example from my own life. 5 years ago I was feeling lonely living in another country and missing my spiritual community. I was also feeling unsatisfied in my work. Whilst visiting a friend I met a girl and we had one of those deep life conversations that you can only ever have with a stranger that you click with straight away. She mentioned to me a spiritual fitness center that had opened up near where I lived. So I looked into it. Became a member and made friends with the project manager. Through that friendship he asked me to teach the community about my spiritual beliefs, From those sessions my Walking the Wheel of the Year program and book were born. Which I have now been teaching for 5 years and the book will be published in March 2020 this year.  I needed a life change. I vocalised it. And by following my instincts, I found my path to be a life coach, writer and spiritual guide.

These kind of signs or lessons are easy to spot. When you are clear about what you want and what you need. You begin to look for it. You pay attention. And the law of attraction kicks into action and quickly you follow on track. In these cases you just have to follow your gut, and of course take action. (Very rarely does the universe give massive, easy handouts).

Sometimes it's harder to hear the messages

However, some lessons or signs can be harder to see or understand than others. And if we are not looking for the teachings or signs in these situations it can be so easy to miss them. 

Feeling unsatisfied constantly can be the universe trying to tell you something. A chronic pain, not from an injury but from stress. Repeatedly ending up in what seems like the same relationship situations even though the partners change. All of these are the universe saying ‘Hey-o I am trying to tell you something!’  

The key here is to look for the patterns. If you see repeated patterns this is probably a good indication that this is what you need to work on to learn and move on from a situation. Look for the pattern. See what it is teaching you and then work on that. It means you have to take a step back from the why is this happening to me feeling and look past the negative emotions. But remember what MAx Planck said

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

So if negative things keep happening then change the way you look and look for the lesson.

And Sometimes the Universe shouts at you

Actually you might have noticed that if you don’t pay attention to what the universe is trying to tell you it will shout louder. That is when you get the lessons that come with great traumas, horrible even catastrophic events. Again to give you an example from my own life. I have been homeless 4 times in my life over the course of 15 years. Each time I was made homeless it came from a bad break up and I was left penniless and homeless. The first time I managed to quickly get out of it after a few weeks. The next time a few months. Then longer again. And then I was homeless, hospitalised for a kidney operation and I lost my job, in a foriegn country. Talk about escalation. After the last time I decided that was enough. I drew a line in the sand and said this stops here. Instead of wallowing in the pain of the break up and my situation (oh and believe me I wanted to) I looked instead for the answer to a really hard question. In fact it is probably the most powerful question I have found in my personal development journey. And that is:

“Why have I created this?”

It’s a hard question to ask yourself whilst living on the streets. Trust me. However it forced me to look at the actions that I had taken in my journey to that point. To look back at the signs I missed. And to understand the lesson the universe had been trying to tell me all along. Which in my case was a lot about trusting myself for my own security not other people and much, much more. We’ll go into that another day. This question makes you look at why did you attract that situation? You attracted it to teach you something. Big trauma events often hold the deepest teachings we need to learn in life. Some people believe it is from past life lessons that haven’t been learnt. I am on the fence about that one. However what I do believe as I said before is big trauma is the universe shouting at you to listen and look. 

We often see our lives through limitation, hold on to stories that keep us small. If I had done that in my final and last bout of homelessness who knows where I would be now. If I had stayed a victim and not looked would I be self employed, would I have written my book and found what I want to do in life. Well probably not. Thankfully I will never know. 

One of the first things I do with a new client is to look at what the universe is telling them. I make them aware that the universe speaks to us through everything. All the messages are there if we look for them. And the great thing is that the more aware we are the less of the shouting happens and we can spot the opportunities right away. 

2 important things to remember are:

  • Do not to look for signs in EVERYTHING. I don’t recommend that at all. But if you find a pattern popping up then take notice. Whether that be a flowing easy lesson like a dejavu or a long lost friend being mentioned 3 times in one day or one that is harder to spot like a chronic but twitch. 
  • Signs and teachings are not good or bad. They just are. If a sign pops up that you don’t like. Don’t ignore it work with what you have got.
connect with the universe by Walking in the footsteps of your ancestors & align your spirituality with nature

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If you want to be more proactive in looking for signs I would highly recommend talking or writing to the universe. However you like to do that. I use free writing to help me unlock my unconscious observations. And I often use the why have I created this question in my journaling. However I have met people that prefer to pray, draw, meditate and even shout at the universe when they are in need of understanding. You will find you own way. The important thing is that you begin to look

What lesson is the universe trying to teach you at the moment?

Let me know in the comments below. And don’t forget to like and share this article who knows it might be the lesson that someone you know really needs to hear. 

If you want more ideas on how to figure out what the heck the universe is trying to tell you then on the Re:Root Your Life Facebook page there are lots of great videos this week teaching you to do just that! And while you at it come and join the community group to support you in our personal development journey

From my heart to yours 

I wish you an enlightening week 

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  3. Hello ive noticed my patterns in relationships and in general , for relationships its always one sided im never attracted to them or like them and they dont really like me in return just to use me as they please , so recently i stopped involving myself with people who dont have good intentions , my pattern with my family is that everytime im out on my own i always end up staying a day or 2 then im just here for a long while and all they do is talk about me talk down to me and show no respect so everytime i leave they try to guilt trip it dosent work so everytime i do seperate from them i always find myself right back with them and go through the same experience over with them and im really tryna end this pattern , i no longer want to deal with family and for relationships i always come across certain individuals thats like me we have a strong connection its mutual but i always ignore them because i feel im not ready for them or what if somthing bad happens and they jus wasnt as good as i felt they were

  4. Id ask you to tell me if you can tell me anything you see from what i am gonna write. Will make it short. After successful years as a young person, till the college of some more years, i started to lose everything. The direction i chose to study was disabled to me by an accident so i couldnt make to the college i planned. The other chosen turned out to be the least perspective for getting basiclly any kind of job. Plus it was unbelievablly unsatisfying as studies, with 0 social life or 0 new people to meet as they were all the least enthusiastic about socializing you could imagine. Was adapting in every way but nothing. Than took every job i got, getting left frauded and unpayed or in some other circumstances it didnt work out despite working hard. Left with no money, no people around nothing. Socalled friends from young age dissapeared, and there were many. Left with 0 people around, old or new. Despite trying to adapt to everyone or find something good in them. And i met millions. And every year and every chance you try to take, it gets worse.

    Now tell me, what would the message be in that case? You will make a lot of arguments about my responsibility, but i am not gonna write an essay about how this assumptions are wrong. Because literary everyone i know gets chances at something with 1000times les effort.

    Would appreciate your answer.

    Greetings f

    1. Hi F
      Gosh thats sounds really tough. Before I can comment I have 2 questions the first is what was the motive when choosing rhe course, the job etc? Was it passion or this is safe or?? Secondly I need a bit more info about the core repeating pattern. So for example my core pattern was bad relationship choice, usually led to illness via not taking care of myself and homelessness time and time again. I am not sure without talking to you mire in depth I can give a definite answer but I will try and then maybe you can see if that starts to make some sense to you.

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