Transforming your life – How to Create Your Ideal Day

How to create your ideal day

Sometimes it can be a challenge to transform your life. Like you are facing an insurmountable mountain. However climbing a mountain doesn’t need to be overwhelming if you take baby steps. Transforming your life doesn’t have to be made of massive changes like quitting your job or moving town. Change happens with the little things. So why not start at the bottom of the mountain and change your day to day life. How you start your day, end your day and the parts in between are the foundation of your life. The question is how do you create your ideal day?

Just think about your normal day to day. How powerful would it be if you could transform it? 

The great news is you can!

In fact you can start right now. You can create your ideal day. Within 20 minutes, you can create your ideal day and make the first step to transforming your life and making your life journey happier. (Because after all Happiness is the goal for us all -right?)

So are you ready? 

Let’s change your life!

Step 1: Think about what is not working

Brainstorm what is not working in your day. From when you wake up, to when you go to sleep. We all have parts of our life that don’t flow. Write these things down. These are the parts of your day that you want to change. Knowing exactly what doesn’t work will help you make effective change. Some of these things you will have to keep in your ideal. Like the daily commute. So now you know what is not working, if you can’t remove them from your day try to identify ways of doing these things so they will flow better. Like taking a book with you on your commute.

Step 2: Think about what is working

Again brainstorm what is working. Identify what is flowing for you. You can also look back and see what has worked for you in the past that you are not doing right now. There is no point in reinventing the wheel if you have had something that works in the past you need to bring that into your new day. Don’t forget to write it down!

Step 3: Think about how you want to feel on an ideal day

How do you want to feel on your ideal day? Recently I realised that I just want more energy in my day. I want to feel healthy tired, not burnout tired. So be very explicit when looking at how you want to feel. Don’t just write more energy, that’s way too floofy. Floofy things are hard to manifest. What kind of energy do you want to have? Really identify the feelings you want to have on an ideal day.

Step 4: What makes you happy?

Now brainstorm what makes you happy in a day. For me doing Yoga, having time to cuddle my man and my cats, as well as not doing anything to do with work after 19:30 makes me feel happy! It of course will be different for you. It might be having a clean kitchen or the kids bags ready for school the evening before. We all want to be happier and that’s probably the motivation for transforming our life. Knowing what makes you happy, what will bring worth and value to your everyday, allows you to prioritize this.

Step 5: Envision your ideal day

Now you know what you want to change, what you want to keep, how you want to feel and what makes you happy, it is time to start envisioning your ideal day. From morning to evening write a description of your ideal day. And this is a day with work in it. Not a full spa day! Plan it out. Incorporate activities that make you happy, the ideas of the changes to activities that haven’t been flowing. Design it so you know you will feel the feelings you want to feel at the end of the day.

Step 6: Choose a place to start

If you have read my posts before you will know I am an advocate of not trying to make all the changes at once. It makes it harder to do and you are more likely to fail. So choose a place to start. Maybe you would like a whole new morning routine, you could start simply by getting up earlier or making a smoothie (if that’s your thing) do this little change for a few weeks and then add on the next change, two weeks later the next. Remember baby steps climb mountains.

There you go in 20 minutes or less you know how you want your ideal day to be, have a plan to change it and are taking the first step to doing that! 

Bam! Creating your ideal day really is that simple. 

In fact when trying to transform your life keeping things simple really is the most effective way to manifest your desired results. So now I want to hear from you…

How are you going to change your every day? What does your ideal day look like? 

Let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to like and share this post to spread the inspiration 

From my heart to yours I wish you the most amazing day 

<3 Emma-Jane

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