#lifelessons101 – Inspiring People – The Queen of Jolly and Brave Honesty Miranda Hart

One of the tricks I have learnt over the years is when I need encouragement, inspiration or just cheering up is to revisit the work and life stories of people I find inspiring. 

And recently it has been one of what I consider to be one of the most inspiring people on the planet. 

Miranda Hart– The Queen of Jolly and Brave Honesty

And today I want to tell you about this magnificent woman so you can feel inspired by her too.

So why does Miranda Hart inspire me?

Well I found Miranda much later than my fellow Brits. As an expat living in Denmark who hasn’t had a TV since 2005 (yes conscious choice), so connecting with the latest up and coming celebs is not really part of my life. I found Miranda when I finally succumbed to the lure of Netflixs in Call the Midwife and a little bit of ‘Google Fu’ led me to her series Miranda and I was sold. 

That series was like coming home. Meeting Miranda’s character (very important to separate sitcom Miranda and the real deal) was like finding a kindred spirit.  Another soul in the world that likes to play despite being an adult, another person that didn’t fit in but was brave enough to be herself honestly, despite other people’s constant pressure to fit in and be a ‘proper grown up’. That there was and still is me. I believe in the power of play, of pillow forts, galloping (well in my case it’s skipping). People often don’t expect me as a spiritual life coach to love Harry Potter, have a room dedicated to childish activities and spend hours walking through the woods playing for the fun of it as I did as a child rather than concentrating on the healthy activity. (It drives Mr T mad!) Yet I find doing these things reminds me to enjoy the little things in life and see the world with wonder as children do. 

Miranda’s character was honest. Allowed herself to be vulnerable. Embraced her what the other characters seemed to think were flaws. And ultimately was herself and owned it. And made me howl with laughter. What’s not to love?

However, it wasn’t until I found out more about the real Miranda Hart that I became truly inspired by her brave honesty.

My wonderful mother surprised me by sending me Miranda’s book “Miranda’s Daily Dose of Such Fun” and in here she speaks of her life long battle with anxiety and previously agoraphobia. In her book, she confessed that in her toughest moments, even going to post a letter felt too difficult.

Miranda wrote, ‘Life during times of acute anxiety has been like wading through treacle.’ Now I have never had agoraphobia but like Mirand I have my own ongoing struggles with mental health issues. And although FINALLY at the age of 39 I got a diagnosis or two that explained what was actually going on, aspergers and recurring bouts of depression do take its toll. I can relate to wading through treacle, even on the goodish days. Where the washing pile feels like climbing Everest and the stupidest things cause major meltdowns.

Yet I do not like to wallow in my issues. I like to work with them. To find the positive, no matter how small and fleeting on a darker day. I make a conscious effort to find the positive, put one foot in front of the other and celebrate the small wins. And it is here again I found I mirror Miranda Hart (yes the person not the character). I love her brave honesty, not only in talking about her issues but in the way she faces them. She too believes in looking for the positive and investing in light hearted fun to lift the clouds.  Which is probably why “Miranda’s Daily Dose of such fun” has become one of my ’go to’ therapy tools when I need to boost myself and make life a little more jolly.

As a writer, comedian and individual Miranda Hart has such empathy for others who suffer with mental health issues.

She sees them as “the ones … who put on a brave face, staying cheery despite everything.” And for me with her host of shows, books, documentaries, endless achievements and her mission to make the world a little more jolly Miranda Hart is definitely brave. It is amazing to think of what she has been challenged by behind the scenes in order to do what she does. I find it amazingly empowering to think of. And reminds me that I can do it too, even when the clouds seem too heavy in my mind. 

On her website Miranda says “My new passion is helping people with anxiety, stress, burn out, and chronic illness in to freedom …I believe our key purposes are not ‘success’ or ‘status’ but to just be. Learn to be who we truly are, within whatever we do.” And like me Miranda has studied to become a life coach in order to do just that. 

Miranda Hart reminds me of my mission in life

  • To support people to find the keys to their happiness.
  • To help people be empowered with tools to overcome, or at least not be ruled by the darker days in life. 
  • To be brave and put myself out there to help and inspire others 
  • And ultimately help other people (and myself) to enjoy their journey in life.

And sometimes I really need to be reminded of that.

Above all as the Queen of Jolly and brave honesty Miranda Hart
makes me laugh and reminds me
it is okay to be me.
Who could ask for more ?

So Miranda, I know you will probably never read this however this post is me sending out a huge amount of gratitude and appreciation for the impact and inspiration you make in my life. 

And I hope for you, dear reader that a little Miranda has inspired you today too. You can find out more about her and her work at her website. https://mirandahart.com/ And if you feel like having a little fun today you can also read an earlier post of mine on the art of such fun to inspire you. 

So now I would love to hear from you! Who is it you are inspired by in life? And what lifts your spirits on the down dark days? 

Let me know in the comments below. And don’t forget to like and share this post to help share the love and inspiration

From me to you I wish you a jolly weekend

Until next time remember the most important thing in life is to 

Enjoy your journey

Much love  

Emma-Jane <3

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