#lifelessons101 – Motivation, determination and manifestation – the sweet always comes after the sour!


How to find light through the darkeness on your manifestation journey

It’s been a crazy week! And it really hit me whiile I was looking for inspiration for this week’s life lessons and found an old post I wrote back in 2017 #lifelessons101: Motivation, manifestation, determination, a free umbrella and a slice of pie! Funnily enough that was a crazy week too right at the beginning of taking my business full time. 

And it showed me wether we realise it or not sweet and sour have alot to do with the process of manifestation

Looking at that post it really clarified that for me, on my manifestation journey in life the sweet really does always come with the sour. 

This week’s sour has been hard to take. In 24 hours I lost two friends to Coronavirus and I have another who is critically ill. And I know that will resonate with so many of you around the world facing the reality of losing family and friends to this awful virus. Obviously this experience shook me up as I am far away from home and due to diabetes and other complications I am in isolation and can’t do anything to help. 

To be honest it made me feel pretty selfish. Like I should be doing more than sitting safe and sound in a corner of the world, enjoying my isolation when so many are in a living hell right now. 

It got dark… sour and dismal

However, I am blessed in my life to have the stoic Mr T as my life companion. Who pointed out that in this time if I did go and help I would be putting pressure on the health service when I got the virus because I would. Flu nearly wipes me out every year. And it wouldn’t really be helping people. But what I can do is to help keep the spirits up of the people around the world with my life coaching, social media posts and YouTube videos. Basically to try and bring some light into the darkness. And to be strong for the many people who need someone to be strong and reassuring for them right now. He was and is right.  

It helped. Alot.

In a way it reconfirmed my life’s purpose. Made me even more determined to help as many people as possible transform their lives. I got clarity in the darkness despite the bitter taste.

And then the sweet! 

Less than 24 hours later one of my life dreams came true! 

In my hands I was holding my first ever published book Walking the Wheel of the Year! I cannot believe it is real (and on sale too).  Years of hard grind, failures, rejections, doggedly visualising despite those failures over and I now my book is really in the world! I cannot describe how it feels, although the fact that I am still squeaking with joy 24 hours later must give you some idea!

Now of course this sweetness doesn’t heal the pain of the sour. But it has given me hope. And has reminded me with the rough comes the smooth. And also as this is a book of spiritual teachings that I hope will guide many to creating their own path, connecting both their spiritual life and personal development practice in some small way I believe this will help bring light to the darkness. 

So what are the life lessons I learnt here? Well honestly it’s taught/reminded me a few things about motivation, determination and manifestation. It has also taught me that at the point when things seem the hardest that you are actually the closet you have ever been to your dreams manifesting. The sweet always comes after the sour. At least that is how it has worked for me. 

These events reconfirmed for me my beliefs about 3 important things we need to remember on the sweet and sour journey of manifestation. 


You get motivated by how you choose to respond to something. Shit happens. It sucks. You will fail on the path to manifestation. Something will happen that will make you feel helpless, demotivated and down. But what I have discovered is that outside events are a part of motivation on a manifestation journey, regardless of whether that event is a positive or negative it can be the catalyst for your motivation. It is your choice of response, your choice of action that turns the sour from a thing of the dark to the motivation to continue. So if you feel demotivated look for that glimpse of light and make that your motivation to continue. No matter what.


If you can keep your determination, push through the idiots scorn, the cold of the rain or the frustration you can change and achieve anything you want to. Keep moving forward. One foot in front of the other. You have to work through the darkness. Don’t let it be the thing that stops your journey to realising your dreams. That path leads to regret. When the sour comes let it make you more determined and you will get through it. 


Keep the goal clear and send it out into the world. If you need help to create it, ask. You have to be willing to dare, to fight for it if need be. Even when no-one in the room understands you if you have a clear vision and the willingness to find a way to create it then you can manifest anything you can dream of. If you are feeling lost or bitter on your path to manifesting your dreams get clear. Find that person who believes in you and remember why you are doing this, why you want it. Get reinspired. Don’t just ask the universe once and expect what you want to manifest. Keep being clear. Keep your inspiration. Keep asking for what you want, as well as working for it and it will happen. You just have to wade through the sour to get the sweet. And it will be all the sweeter once you get there. Trust me.

So in essence this whole sour sweet reminded me that I have the power! You have the power! We have the power! I am more motivated than I have ever been before. I am more determined to succeed. I am more determined to help people to bring light into their lives. And I know that if you can learn to taste the sour, stay motivated, determined, get clear about your dreams despite the sour, you WILL manifest the sweet. 

Now I want to hear your stories

What sour have you been through before you got to the sweet? 

How did you stay motivated and determined on your path to manifestation? 

If you are in the sour right now what is the light you can see to get you through?

Let me know in the comments below and let’s inspire each other on our manifestation journeys so we can all enjoy our journey. 

From my heart to yours have a wonderful day  

<3 Emma-Jane

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