Do you want to live a happy life? Then you might need to make these 5 changes to the way you think!

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Simple shifts in your mindset will help you to live a happy life

We all want to live a happy life.  And yet today when most of us live in a world where a happy life is more attainable than ever, happiness levels are lowering and anxiety, depression are on the rise. As my somewhat stoic Mr T would say. 

“Det Dumb!”

Which roughly translates to ‘That’s dumb’

And he is right. It is dumb that so many people are unhappy. Life is full of potential, full of opportunities for love, fun, and joy, each and every day and it is up to us how much we perceive and receive! Happiness is not just something we passively feel. It is something we can create. 

Like or not, the fact is that you are in charge of your own happiness!

Now I know from birth or from events in our lives many of us were taught to accept a regular, mundane, limited, and often boring life. A life with just enough ‘fun’ for the average person to enjoy themselves occasionally- when they are not making money working at their hamster wheel type job that they are not passionate about, to pay the bills, to exist and survive until they pass away.

Well who on earth wants that? 

Noone. That’s who. 

Yet some people stay trapped there forever. Playing victim to their childhood teachings or the events that have put them on the depressing survival mode treadmill. The worst cases, in my opinion, are in the situations where people build their own cages of a treadmill lifestyle because they think they are not good enough or worry too much about what other people will think. Stop being mean to yourselves people.

Everyone deserves happiness. 

Life is meant to be an adventure. A journey for our soul. We are here to learn and grow. To experience. When we are stuck in the confines of a victim mindset, self limiting beliefs or do what other people think we should it’s like being in jail. We drown in negativity, frustration, mentally and physically worn down. 

BUT with a change of mindset we can set ourselves free to be happy!

So, without delay, over thinking or self limiting beliefs, let your journey to happiness begin today. By adopting some of the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors listed below, by changing your mindset you are certain to begin to look at your life differently, be happier each and every day!

Go On. Be happy. I dare you !

Make peace with yourself and your current situation in life

A huge source of frustration is not accepting, mentally beating yourself up or shouting at the universe for the situation you are in here and now.  Everything that is a part of your life, that which you are happy about and that which you are not happy about, is a part of your life here and now! What you may think is negative or positive are opportunities to learn more about yourself, that’s all. Accept it, learn from it and put your attention where it belongs

To accept your current situation you need to accept your past, without judgment and without regret, you free yourself to  walk down the path that will get you to where you want to be. If you keep looking back you won’t get to enjoy the journey now. You have to be friends with you because at the end of the day this is the only friend that will be with you every step of the way.

Life’s an adventure. There will always be new plot twists, times when the world goes FUBAR and glorious moments where you learn, love and laugh. There will be times when everything falls into place and there will be times when things are not working out for you. So what???? It never, never, never benefits us to beat ourselves up over what we think are our failures. It’s a waste of time and energy. We can’t go back, we can only be here and go forward so do it with a friend. You. 

Become aware of the power of your thoughts and words

As Marcus Aurelius said“ Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” Your thoughts create your reality. Your thoughts decide how you should behave and respond to everything that is going on around you. Your thoughts will tell you if something is making you happy, to believe in yourself or not, to love yourself or not. You believe what you tell yourself. 

So tell yourself something good.

There is no magic pill that is going to do this for you. Well not sustainably or healthily. You have to take charge. Become mindful of your thoughts and replace the ones that are not helping you to have a happy life with thoughts that will reset your mind to create new beliefs that will give you a happier life.

Remember words have power. All words. Yes, including yours. Use your words wisely, to uplift others and to inspire joy wherever you go. In this way, the energy around you is always positive. Unless you want to feel bad then continue using your words to create negativity wherever you go. Be open-minded, and listen more than you talk. And when you do talk, think about the atmosphere you want to create. 

There is always something good to be found in any situation. Always look for the stuff that will uplift your energy and when you are feeling good you will help others around you to also feel better too.

Everything changes and change is for our benefit!

The only constant thing in life is that it will change. Many people are unhappy because they don’t like change or are afraid of change. However change is still going to happen either way. No one can exactly predict what the future will bring. What you can control is what you do. Change does bring opportunity. And with the power of choice you can choose to take the opportunity to change and enjoy it. Be brave. Remember that ‘bravery is not the absence of fear, it is having a fear and doing it anyway.’ So do. Go after happiness not fear and you will find you flow with the changes in your life.

Be uniquely You

You are unique. And so are you. And you and you and yes me too. 

You are a beautiful patchwork of the DNA you are made of and the life experiences you have had. So don’t restrict yourself because of what other people say you should and shouldn’t do. Follow your heart. Don’t worry about what others think about you. They are reacting based on their programmed beliefs, their limitations and fears which have nothing to do with you. 

You are here to live your life in a way that makes you happy!

Treat everything you do as if you were doing it to make you happy  and you will find satisfaction in all that you do.

Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Lighten up dude. If you are too sombre and serious it will lead you to judgment, bitterness and unhappiness. Lighten up and learn to laugh more often! Choose to have fun each and every day. You are here for an exciting adventure! 

Try new foods, roads, travel, sports, books, music, languages and friends often. Remember what it means to play and make it important to play as well as work.Let go of your boring routines and seek out stuff to make your heart sing for joy! This is how you can grow, develop and cultivate happiness every day.

Just like everything in life, choosing to be happy, to reprogram your mindset takes work. Same as anything else. But the question you need to ask yourself is why would you want to be happy?  wouldn’t you do things that make you happy? 

Make a commitment to yourself here and now to enjoy more of your life in new, fun, and exhilarating ways every day! Make a commitment to changing your mindset, becoming your own best friend and making your happiness and the happiness of the people around you; your priority each and every day of your life. 

Now I want to hear from you! How are you going to change your mindset and live a happy life? 

Let me know in the comments below

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing I wish you the happiest of days ! 

And remember what life is all about… enjoying your journey 

<3 Emma-Jane

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