#lifelessons101 – The Ultimate Key to Staying Motivated (Especially during isolation)

How is your self motivation? 

I’d love to know. Because one thing I have noticed during the Coronavirus Lockdown more and more of my clients are feeling demotivated and low energy. And I can honestly say I was feeling that way  a little bit too. 

The world is a scary place right now. BUT life continues. We still have our goals, our dreams, our work. That hasn’t changed. And to be honest this time at home is an opportunity to focus on what is really truly important to us. On what we want to manifest in life and how we are going to get there. But that can be hard when you feel rubbish and unmotivated.

One of my clients asked me this week how do I keep motivated when things get tough?

And I really had to do some soul searching on this.

Now this was a great question because it really made me look at what it is that keeps me going. 

So some things were obvious.  My passion for the dream I am working on. My love of what I do. These are the obvious answers right 

But to be honest when things are going wrong, or you are tired and stressed out, passion, at least for me is not the greatest motivator. And there are also the things on the manifestation journey I should do, that I don’t want to do. You know the things you feel sluggish about. And passion doesn’t really motivate me there either. 

I had to look deeper

What I love about this question was that it made me look at what motivates me when everything else seems to be crashing down around me, things are failing or I just don’t want to do something I know I have to do in order to manifest my dreams. 

Like for example accounting. I hate it. But as an entrepreneur I have to do it if I want my business to work. I also really struggle with exercising, especially at home and like many of you out there I find it so hard to get off my butt and get moving. But if I want to be able to dance to music, control my diabetes and generally stay healthy as I get older. I have to do it. 

And to be honest here I hit a temporary brick wall. Cos’ I often put these things I don’t like off. Especially when I am stressed or tired or flat out disappointed from a failure.

I needed inspiration so I turned to my Mr T who, as always, had some great stoic logic and gave me what I can see is the ultimate key to motivation. 

To give you a little backstory my Mr T works out everyday. For at least 2 hours a day.Now I have always thought it insane and inspiring. And to be honest I always thought  he did it because he was passionate about it. Now during the lockdown he has been posting videos of his training and helping others to improve their skills. And like me Mr T has had people asking him how do you do it? How can you be so motivated day in day out to train so hard and so much. Where do you find the energy to do it? Etc It does seem sometime that he has this magic button that he can just switch on and be in training mode. It’s a button I always wished I had. 

I was shocked to learn he doesn’t love it in the way I thought. 

Then he shared with me his key to keeping motivated no matter what.

And it really is so very very simple.

You have to remember why you are doing the things you don’t want to do. Why you need to do what you have to do or is hard to do.

When things get tough for my Mr T, when he has no energy, when he just wants to stay on the sofa and not go for a run, the thing that makes him get up and keep going is the why.

He remembers the reasons he is working so hard. The reason he has to go for that run, do those burpees or lift those weights. 

There is no magic button.

The end result, the why, is the motivating factor.
And then he said you just have to get on with it to keep moving forward.

As I thought about this, I realised he is right. (Don’t tell him I said that I will never hear the end of it!) 

When I got rejected by so many publishers. The only thing that made me get up and try again was that I really wanted to have a book published. That was my why. When I lost a major contract that nearly broke me and my business, what kept me moving forward? It was that I wanted to be self employed. That was my why. 

Manifesting dreams, keeping motivated when you really don’t feel like is never going to be easy my friend.  There is no magic button. And if you keep waiting for one then you are never going to move forward or get motivated. 

Sorry if that is disappointing however, it is a fact of life.

Remembering your why and just getting on with it will motivate you to get through the hard times and move forward.

Now I am aware of this key to motivation, I have begun to use it more actively in my life. And funnily enough my accounts are done. I train an hour a day. (In two 30 min bursts to make it easier for me to want to do it). And the success of doing these things, of not giving up or putting it off is wonderful. It makes me feel proud and happy. Happiness gives me dopamine and that makes the hard times look brighter. 

As I look outside my window I can see Mr T out there training right now. And to be honest now I understand how hard it is for him to do it, I respect him all the more. He knows his why. And he is just getting on with it. And believe me it is working cause he is becoming totally ripped! (Not bad TV tbh!) 

The ultimate key to motivation is to remember why you are doing it and to get one with it. No matter what. 

It really is that simple.

So what are you struggling to be motivated about right now? 

And what is the reason you are trying to do it in the first place? 

Let me know in the comments below

I know the world is hella challenging right now. But if you can remember your why and just get on with whatever you need to do I promise you that you are going to feel so much better. 

And a little proud of yourself too 

And that my friends will help you enjoy your journey in life

Take Care 

<3 Emma-Jane

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8 thoughts on “#lifelessons101 – The Ultimate Key to Staying Motivated (Especially during isolation)

  1. madidearson says:

    Great tips – it is tough to stay motivated right now. For me, it is mainly about the break in my usual routine. When I have a routine then it is easier for me to do those things I don’t want to do, I go through them on autopilot. But now when everything feels fluid I do, just as you wrote, have to remind myself of the why – A LOT:) thank you for sharing this.

  2. Hannah Read says:

    I love this – I’m really working on my motivation at the moment as it’s not where I want it to be yet, but I will get there! Congrats on your new book by the way – I try and align my practises with the Wheel of the Year and it’s made much of life more meaningful for me so sounds like a great read!

    • reroot4life says:

      Bless you thank you! It really is powerful practice. I hope you enjoy the book and it gives you some insoiration <3

  3. rsleejones says:

    Great tips!! Im struggling to stay motivated atm, guess I need to remember my why and get my head in the game again!! Xx

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