How long is it since you checked in with yourself?

Summers are filled with bonfires, BBQs, beach days, road trips and all things ‘happy’. This summer mentality can make it hard for us to be open and honest with ourselves about what we need. 

How long is it since you checked in with yourself? 


How long is it since you had a check in? Took stock? Connected with yourself? 

Whether you are starting your holidays this week or you are returning to work, summer, the midpoint of the year is the BEST time to be checking in with you. 

If you are about to start your summer hols then checking will give you a great insight on how you can recharge those batteries. And if you are about to return to work or school then checking in will help you to keep a weather eye on yourself amidst that back to work hecticness.

And luckily for you all there is a really quick way that you can do just that. 

How I hear you ask? 

It’s called the wheel of life! 

Researcher Nate Lambert, founder of Happiness Reports, suggested that our lives can be divided into six distinct categories: social, mental, physical, inspirational, financial, and fun. 

 The sections in the Wheel of Life represent different aspects of your life. Seeing the center of the wheel as 1 and the outer edges as 10, you simply rank your level of satisfaction with each life area by allocating a number to each section edge.  

1 is pretty much things could not be worse. 10 is things could not be better. I always suggest to people they take the first number they think of. Go with your gut. 

Once completed the wheel of life becomes a visual representation of your life. It should be pretty apparent where you are challenged or need to put your energy to feel better.

Now ask yourself If this were a real wheel, how bumpy would the ride be? 


The whole idea with the Wheel of Life is that whilst it would be pretty impossible to have a level 10 at everything all the time. The desired outcome is an equalish number in every ares and preferably everything above a 5.

In order to be truly balanced, it’s important to dedicate equal time and energy to each of these things. True, there are certain times in your life when you have to emphasize one category (like if you’re training for a marathon or saving up to buy a house), but you need to make sure you aren’t sacrificing the other areas.

Once you have discovered where you need to ‘improve’ or focus your energy you simply brainstorm a few ideas of what actions you can take to improve this area of your life. And hey presto you have a plan to follow.

I actually do this process once a month. It keeps me aware of my life balance and self aware. It is a great way to step back and see the overall picture. And it doesn’t take long!

If you don’t want to draw or print it out you can even do it online.

Try checking in with you today and see which areas of your life need a little attention. you can download a free pdf version here!


Let me know in the comments below where you need to focus your energy right now AND how you are going to do that.

Take Care of you and Enjoy your journey

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