Imbolc – Awakening & clarity after Winter’s hibernation

Some people love January as the time of new beginnings. But for me February always feels like the month to get going. With the pale golden sun, snow gently melting and the buds and shoots appearing, it is here where I feel energy coming back into my bones.  The Spring is coming! It’s time to awaken!

For me the frost and sunlight at this time seems to clear my mind. The frost crystallizing as it were, my vision of the year ahead. The ancient Celts celebrated this time as a festival called Imbolc. The festival of new beginnings and of inspiration. And as I look out of my window today I can feel that energy calling me. 

It’s time to awake! No more winter sleeping. No more hibernation. The light is returning. The buds remind me it is time to awaken and get going as the seasons are definitley turning and spring is definitely on the way. 

Which means in my own life and personal growth path this is the time to get clear on what I want to do this year, how I want to grow this year  and how I am going to make it happen.

(And if you are someone who begins new year’s resolutions and they never get past January then this is perfect as if you join me here on the 1st of February by crystallizing your vision and actions to take,  I promise you that you will transform your life more powerfully than you did by forcing yourself to start in January when nothing is grow.)

So what to do to begin your awakening this spring?

take a walk

As soon as you can, go outside and take a walk. The freshness that Febuary/Imbolc brings is a beautiful cleanse for body mind and soul. Allow yourself to feel the seasons change. To feel your body waking up from it’s winter hibernation. To dust of the winter combwebs. To feel awake and alive.

Get an idea

After my Imbolc walk, I get straight down to it and begin to shape 3  ideas for the 3 goals or changes I would like to manifest in my life this year. If you don’t have any goals in mind already you can do this by looking at where you are now, what makes you happy, what doesn’t. What gives you energy and what doesn’t. If you tried to make new year’s resolutions that you just couldn’t keep, then use these as inspiration for your long term goals. Ask yourself why they didn’t work and how can you adjust them to become a more sustainable goal.

From there choose 3 ideas for goals. Do check in with yourself and  ask yourself if they are realistic. And be very sure these goals are something you want not something you think you, or someone else thinks you ‘should’ do. Making changes or manifesting goals only really and truly work if it is something you really want.

Be clear on what you want the result to be

Now it’s time to get clear on the results you want. Really think about it. If it is a goal imagine what will it feel like to have achieved it? If it is a lifestyle change imagine yourself experiencing that new life. Be realistic in your visions. If you will have to give something up to meet your goal or life change ask yourself if you are ok with that. 

Then you can form your goals into specific targets. I would suggest this year (2021) making no more than 3. The world is uncertain right now so choose the three things you really can achieve this year.

I love to make a vision board each Imbolc to be really clear on what it is I am trying to achieve. You can have a look at how I do this here

Honestly, changing my life and manifesting my goals has become so much easier since I make my vision board. I cannot recommend it enough.

Plan your actions

As  I  create my vision board  each year I always  find that I begin to get clear on actions that I can take to make my goals happen. So I write out under each goal title the actions I can take, that I can control 100% to make my goal happen. Then I cross off the unrealistic actions and plot the other actions into my calendar.

Gently get going on the first step

From my actions I ask myself what is the first step. And then I do that as soon as possible. Then I do the next and the next. At first it goes slowly and normally what happens is that as the land begins to speed up in it’s growth I speed up in my progress.

Remember manifesting life change or goals is more about the journey, the growth, the achievements and the sense of purpose we get from the process than the end result. Enjoy each and every step, tend to each one carefully as a gardener would to their vegetable patch and you will find that as the seasons change you life changes with it. 

I wish you a powerful and beautiful awakening this Spring

Enjoy your journey

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