5 Ways to Hear What the Universe is Saying to you

I’m a big believer in talking to the universe. As a spirit having a human experience I know that the universe is constantly trying to guide us on our earth walk. 

The trouble I have found is that sometimes the messages it sends are incredibly confusing. 

It talks in signs, in stories, in synchronicites and leaves it up to us to interpret and understand them. And honestly it can get a bit much. 

Recently I found myself saying to the universe couldn’t you please just send me an email. It would be a heck of alot simpler! 

And the universe, who at least in my experience has a dry sense of humour, replied ‘couldn’t you just remember how to listen!’

And of course as always the universe was right.

There are plenty of signs out there of the universe trying to guide us. but are
we listening?

 And how do we even know what to look for?

How many times did you ask for an answer but didn’t know how to receive it?

When we are tuned in to how the universe is communicating with you, life becomes a lot less confusing, and you start to feel a lot more aligned and connected.  

I just needed to be reminded of that.

The challenge is that as we live in a physical world, we experience physical limitations. We think of communication as words. But the universe won’t just tap you on the shoulder and say “yes, I think you should take that job,” 

We have to pay attention to the more subtle and creative ways the universe sends us messages.

Universal language is subtle, indirect, and can be very gentle and quiet. (Although to be fiar sometimes pretty loud and obvious too. Like with anyone else it is clear when the Universe is shouting at you.)

I find that people often assume the messages are out there somewhere. But in my experience this is not the case. 

Messages from the universe are in everything and everyone; all around us, and therefore is intertwined in the ordinary moments of life.


We have to learn to listen and interpret a different kind of language.


When I first started to try and understand the universe I wished I had found a guide to universal language. Which of course is difficult as the universe speaks to us all differently. 

Learning to interpret the langauge of the universe is incredibly personal and to be honest is a journey where you yourself are the teacher, student and interpreter. The more you practice the clearer it becomes. 

Learning to understand how the universe tries to communicate with us is easier! (I can hear you shouting hooray!)

First prepare to listen

The first thing you have to do is prepare to listen. And in that being still and observant is the key. Slow down and be present so you are prepared to notice what the universe is trying to say.  Basically, the more we get caught up in busyness or drama the less likely we are to notice ANYTHING. 

Creating moments of stillness and connection in our lives helps us to listen to the universe. From creating sacred ceremony or meditation or even if it is just taking 3 deep breaths or mindfully drinking a cup of tea, being present is important if you want to hear.

Then you need to know where to look.

HEre are 5 ways the universe tries to communicate with us.


Synchronicities are one of the most powerful ways that the universe communicates with you and you start experiencing them more and more the more you start to awaken.  And sometimes you don’t even have to read deep into the synchronicity, it’s just a matter of recognizing them.

Synchronicites often confirm paths of action we should take. A direct message from the universe that something is so important it is repeating it to make sure we get the message.


Personally I find dreams a very anoying mode of communication, as they are never really clear. However the universe does like to speak through them. Helping us to connect with our unconcious desires and the things we know really and truly are right for us. 

I would advise with dream like communications to record your dreams. And only act upon reoccuring messages or ones that truly sit well in your gut. 

Gut feeling

When you feel like “this is right” or “something is off” or “every part of me wants to do this,” that’s a clear sign from the universe.   I often ask my coaching clients what does your gut tell you. Close your eyes and listen to your gut. It tells you really how you feel about something when you stop and listen.

Also, when you hear a message or read something in a book that deeply resonates with you and you don’t know why but it feels right and it feels true, that is the universe prodding you right there. 

When you really start to listen to your gut it  awakens something deep within you. An internal GPS  Pay attention to this and follow it!

set backs

When out of nowhere your flight gets delayed, your interview gets cancelled, you get sick, or worse your life falls apart. The univers is proably  trying to nudge you in a different direction. (When life goes FUBAR I tend to think of this as the Universe shouting).

When there are set backs or things fall apart we either need to let go or take stock. Set backs are opportunites to rethink and reevaluate, see what needs to change, and start fresh in a way . Or simply to let go of control and see where the universe guides us. 

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signs, songs & symbols

Signs Songs, Symbols and even random words or turn of phrase that evoke a strong feeling or repeat in a short space of time is the classic language of the universe. And for me this is the most powerful of all. It is also one of the hardest to interpret because it is down to us to make sense of it. Observe the signs, find the meanings that feel right in your gut and act upon those. 

With songs have you ever noticed a random song pop into your head? Or a certain song has lyrics that perfectly expresses your emotions come on the random playlist?  When these things are random and you feel a strong connection to the song you hear, it’s probably something you should explore further. 

Colors, flowers, animals, feathers, rocks, and crystals all have certain meanings.  Pay attention to what you see, what you come into contact with, what keeps reappearing in your life, and what you’re drawn to.

You may have a thought pop into your head out of nowhere.  This can be a random idea, a solution to a problem, or something you feel inspired to do. 

Pay attention to these message, don’t act immediately and see what it can mean for you.

Remember to not over react or over think. One of the biggest keys I learnt when listening to the universe was to not think that I HAD GOT A MESSAGE! 

The universe speaks slowly. 

So you have to notice the messages you get. When something pops up the first time, notice it. The third or fourth time is when you need to start lookin into intepretting it and finding what it means to you. 

How has the universe been talking to  you let me know in the comments below 

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  1. Peter Hurford says:

    I’m not sure the universe has ever spoken to me, I’ve prayed alot over the years but have never found true happiness, I think it has forgotten about me or perhaps cannot hear me, I am thankful for the little things in life but there are not many…..

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