It’s Time for Rest & Recovery – Lessons from the Universe


Are you feeling burned out from the last 18 months?
Well All the spiritual signs are saying that now is the time for rest & recovery - huzzah!

I am a great believer in looking for the lessons the universe is sending us. Especially in times of crisis. And to be fair I believe that in the last 18 months those messages have been loud and clear. I mean this whole situation has been the Universe and especially Mother Earth shouting at us. They have also been trying to show us the way forward. 

The good news is that the clear message at the moment is that right here, right now we are supposed to be resting. 

How did I come to that conclusion? Well let me explain…

Sickness is one of the ways our body's tell us to slow down and rest. That we haven't been taking care of ourselves, we've been pushing to hard and we need to heal.

 And when we look on a global scale pre Covid, yep, that is what the human race has been doing. Pushing too hard. Pushing the planet. Pushing ourselves. So if we look at the metaphorical picture Covid was the universe’s way of putting the breaks on. For all of us. We all needed to heal. And sometimes you have to get sick in order to sit up and take notice.

So in 2020 we all took a step back and got protective. We stopped. And what happens when you have been pushing too hard and you suddenly stop ? Well you collapse. 

(Teacher’s know what I am talking about, they often spend the first few days of a holidays being ill as they have been putting it off all term). 

2020 highlighted everything that was not working before. in life and in society. add to that the mental challenges, anxiety, emotionally draining & physically exhausting experience of this crisis & I don't know about you, but by the end of 2020 I was done.

Kablowy. Game over. K.O. Wipe out. 

The issue was (and still is ) that Humans are still trying to push. Universe was literaly screaming at us to notice that Mother Earth was saying slow down. 

The wipe out, burn out came when we ignored it.

Just think about it. In most parts of the western world this winter was harsh to say the least (My poor garden has been feeling it and the flowers are still refusing to awaken!) In the days of yore when we listened if winter was harsh, back then we took refuge. Helped each other to survive and took care of each other. We recouperated. Regathered our strength by eating, resting and staying warm. 

And for me, finally listening and taking notice this winter has taught me that 2021 should be for Rest and Recouperation. 

The tiredness you feel after 2020 is a clue about how to approach 2021. Rest.

Now you might be thinking .. hold on.. the vaccine is here, I need to get back to normal, get the kids out the house and get my life back! And yes I get it. We all want to get back to our previous life, our comfort zone. 

But hold your horses a moment and listen to the universe. 

In 2021, we  ‘started the year tired’ and  not fully recovered from 2020.

When you have had a serious illness do you jump out of bed and try to do life as normal? At full pace. 

Of course not! It would be counterproductive. 

Recovery is not a quick process. It is one step at the time. It is staying concious of what you need, what will nuture you. And giving you the space & the resources to heal. 

Rest is not just about relaxing. recovery is the practice of ‘coming from a position of power’ by nurturing yourself

So when I say rest and healing. I don’t mean it’s time to hide under the duvet. I mean looking at what nuture’s you and making that important. When you throw yourself back into life a full pace after a period of sickness you don’t have the fuel, the resources to sustainably maintain your life and your body

Coming out of Covid it’s the same. 

You may not have been ill but you, like all of us are exhausted, mentally, spiritually and in some cases physically. It’s the same as an anxiety hangover. 

And at the same time there are new fears popping up for 2021, especially financial fears. Because we all know the economy world wide has been hit by this which will effect us. When it comes to money issues stress follows alongside.

So Stress and Money issues are likely issues to be coming up this year on top of recovery

And that is scary. 

So what is the Universe and Mother Eath trying to tell us about how to recover? Well quite simply we need to nuture ourselves. Right here. Right Now.

so how can you nuture yourself in 2021?

First of all by taking it slow. Healing is a slow process. Our natural instinct after a crisis is to go into a panic survival mode. And nobody thinks well from a place of fear. 

2021 is not about hiding under a rock until 2022 or becoming 100% defensive or paralysed with fear. It is about getting internally strong.

Real strength  comes from building a strong base. A strong root which supports natural growth, new projects and bigger opportunities.

If we look at nature one of the golden rules in the plant world is to ‘grow roots first. Branches, second.” This is how all plant life grows. It focuses on root growth and sustainability, first. The flowers and fruit will come naturally, later. Adopt this practice in 2021 and you will see your life naturally fill up with things you can support.

So your Root is your healing. For you, your family and your business/career, 

Take stock of where you are. What nurtures you?  What you need? Really need? 

Slow down. Rest, regularily.

Rest before you get too tired. Not after. Don’t want until you are depleted.

Rest your mindMeditate early, even just 5 mins of yoga, meditation, or even gratitude journalling at the begining of the day will help you to approach you day from a place of clarity and rest.

Take Care of your body. Give it the fuel it needs. The rest it needs. The peace it needs. The laughter and dophamine it needs. Keep it simple. Just as you would if you were healing from a sickness. 

Notice how often you say ‘I can’t rest because I have to….’ and use that as a trigger to remind yourself that you need to breath and nuture yourself. 

Don’t deplete your resources. Both mental and economical. Be mindful in your spending of money and time. Nourish not over indulge.

In the desire to see people be careful not to overcommit yourself

Remember if you run out of time, money or mental / emotional energy, you won’t be in a position to deal with issues or take advantage of opportunities that come along.

and most importantly of all listen to what you need body, mind & spirit

The Universe is telling us to take it slowly. Mother Earth is showing us the way. If you really invest in rest and recovery in 2021 you are going to sustainably strengthen your roots and approach each day from a place of power. 

So use 2021 wisely, rest, recover, nurture and you will come out of this time in life stronger, healthier and happier. 

Let me know in the comments how you plan to take action in your life to implement these ideas and rest in 2021. 

Have a beautiful day <3

live your life on your terms

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