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Find your personal power/connect with your animal

With Summer Solstice just around the corner I find this is the perfect time of year to reconnect with my personal power source and own my power to the fullest. I like to think of it as literally a mid year powering up or M.O.T that  gives me a power boost that charges me to walk tall throughout the rest of the year. 

One of the ways I love to do this is to connect with my Spirit Animal.


What is a spirit animal ?

A spirit animal is a teacher or messenger that comes in the form of an animal through meditation, shamanic journey or in life. It is believed that you do not choose the animal, rather it chooses, or has already chosen you. The animal is there to provide guidance, lessons, protection, power, or wisdom. Shamans worldwide have relied on the guidance, wisdom, and symbolism of spirit animals for thousands of years. Spirit animals can also be associated with ancestors in the form of a clan or tribe animal.

Belief in spirit animals is often thought to be a purely Native American tradition, but it is not exclusive to this culture. For example Celtic, Nordic, Aboriginal, Sámi and many other spiritual cultures work with spirit animals. As part of my early training within seasonal spirituality I trained in druidry and celtic shamanisn which is how my journey of working with my Spirit animal began. 

why connect with your spirit animal to find your personal power?

For me connecting with my spirit animal is about connecting with the source of my personal power, connecting with the universal teachings to guide me on my path in life and understanding my journey on this earthwalk. 

I believe our spirit animals are guides to help us connect with our unconscious, to help us on the right path, to help us to learn and grow, as well as sharpening our intuition and keeping us on purpose in life

My spirit animals are my root, my guides connecting me to my growth and purpose in life. I have two beautiful spirit animals I work with contiously and others that come and join me occasionally.

wait! you can have more than one spirit animal?

Well it depends on your beliefs and traditions you follow. Mine found me and I figured they know better than me what is right, so I pretty much just let them get on with it.  You may find that you have one main power animal, or you could feel close to many animal spirit guides. 

how do I meet my spirit animal?

So there are many ways to do this. Sometimes you might be drawn to a particular animal in life. Sometimes you may meet them through a journey or guided meditation or even via dream. Personally I like to journey to meet, ask for guidance and talk with my spirit guides.If you want to follow my guided meditation to meet your spirit guide you can grab the one I use here

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spirit animal

how do I know what my spirit animal is saying to me?

Firstly don’t expect to get clear communication. In journeying animals don’t often talk. The language is imagery. And sometimes are words form in your own mind. Don’t worry a spirit animal can bring us a message in several ways. We can physically cross paths with the animal, we can dream about it, it can visit us in our meditations, or we might have it as a pet or have an animal we have always felt drawn to. When talking with you spirit animals trust your intuition to draw you to what can inform and support you as our ancestors did so long ago. Also it is a good idea to have a specific question ready. 

what does my spirit animal mean?

Our spirit animals often represents qualities and attributes that you see in yourself. It may be a loner or a pack animal, it may be a carer or a hunter. As in human culture and societies, animal species have their own particular traits and behaviours. Pay attention to the details  to see the animal’s symbolic representation of you. You can of course research it’s meaning within different cultures and traditions. Just remember the tradition don’t always agree on the symbology so if it resonates with you. That is what it means for you. 

Why not spend sometime during the summer solstice to recconect with your spirit animal and your personal power? 

Our spirit animals are our internal ancestral teachers. Reminding us who we are. The path we walk. And supporting us upon our journey. 

What could be more empowering than that ?

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