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Reconnecting with your spirituality

This summer I dove deep into Self-love, aligning with myself and my path in life. I expected it to be an experience where my confidence rose, my self acceptance sored and self-care was a daily delight.  And it was kind of..

What I did not expect was that my journey into self love would become a spiritual quest! 

If you are a spiritual person I am sure you, like me, will have noticed the ebb and flow in your sense of connection. How sometimes it is intense, sometimes it feels distant. 

I embarked on a summer of self love because I knew my mental health needed a damn good recharge. But it wasn’t until I went there that I realised how disconnected from my spirituality I was. 

Once I realised that the journey took a very different feel, as I quested to the roots of my spiritual path and recconected my spiritual battery. It was enlightening! 

If you are feeling disconnected from your spirituality right now, no stress and absolutely no guilt. It’s just part of the journey.

Recconecting with you spirituality is easier than you’d think. And to help you out here are a few processes, that worked for me, for you to try to return to your spiritual roots…

reconnecting with your values

This practice is amazing! It really brings you back to the root of yourself. Who you are. The basis of everything you do. Take some time for this and do it on paper. Sometimes we need to face our thoughts to have the realisations clear as crystal infront of us. Brainstorm the things you really value in life. Not just the lofty aspirations but the things you value you in the every day. Then choose 5 that are the most important to you. That truly resonate with your very core. Now simmer them down again to a single word. These five words are your compass to life. When you have rediscovered your values you can see very clearly where your life is in alignment and where it is not. Which allows you to re prioritise in your life. I suppose you could call this the internal Marie Kondo process. You will know which values are the most important to you becuase they bring you joy. That ‘ping’ feeling. Focusing on what brings you joy and keeps you in alignment with you root is a spiritual act that you can do every single day of your life.

beginning the one practice that really matters

We all have different things we do within our own spirituality. Meditation, prayer, lighting incense at an altar or walking out in nature are just some. And in most spiritual paths we will do a combination of these. But of all the practices there is the one that brings us the strongest sense of connection, alignment. That is the practice that really matters. The practice that will reconnect you and recharge you again and again.  Forget all the other trippings and trappings of your path and focus on making doing this practice important. It will be balm to your soul. It is simple solution and like most simple acts the most potent.

a recconection ceremony

If you feel like you want to recommit to your path. A recconection ceremony is a wonderful experience. This is a ceremony that you create yourself to align you with your spiritual path. It can be simple or elaborate. If you want to create you own and you are not sure how you can find inspiration and guidance in my Creating Ceremony mini course. Make sure ceremony is personal to you. This is your commitment to your path. The great thing with holding a ceremony like this is it gets you back to the core of what really matters to you, gives you the opportunity to do some soul searching and be reinspired once more. Not to mention it is a powerful statment to yourself, to others and great accountability too!

These are my tips but what are yours? How have you recconected with your spirituality when you find yourself ebbing away from it? I’d love to hearin the comments your suggestions. 

I hope, however you do it, that  every once in a while you maintain that connection with your spiritual root. It is the home you can return to again and again in this crazy, wonderful journey of life. 

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