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How to find your spiritual path?

To say life today is confusing is an understament. And when it comes to finding your spiritual path the word confusing doesn’t even come close! 

We have so many options. And unlike the bad old days where you could have been forced into a faith, where what you were supposed to do and believe was all laid out for you, today you have to figure things out on your own. 

Especially, if like me, you are drawn to a spiritual path based on celtic or nordic beliefs because not alot has survived from back then to guide you. But hey who likes doing things the easy way 😉 

So if you are feeling overwhelmed with all the choices. And feel confused about what is the right way to go I don’t blame you. 

So first things first:

…Take a breath

…Now another one

…Now a deeper one. 

I got you. 

So lets get something clear


What is a spiritual path?

A spiritual path journey is the journey that returns you to the Centre of your being. Or as I call it your root. It’s a path traditionally seen as being undertaken by priests, priestessess,  mystics, shamans, sages and other people  with important religious tags. I disagree. In my opinion everyone on this planet is on a spiritual journey of some sort or another. Spirituality is open to all. As it should be. Your spirituality is the root that you return to, the root that nourishes your soul, your growth and you energy. We all need that. 

no-one can tell you what is right for you

I think this is the most important thing to remember when starting out to find or define your spiritual path. NO-ONE CAN TELL YOU WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU. However you want to connect with the universe, your god, gods, goddesses, beliefs, holydays, is what is right for you. If someone is telling you there is only one correct way or you should do this, and what they are saying doesn’t feel right to you, then follow your gut and do it in the way that feels right to you. I would never dare to tell anyone what they should and shouldn’t believe. Who am I to do that? Live and let live is my motto. What guides me is me, my instinct and my gut. My gods and goddesses made me, they gave me my instincts to root me and guide me. So if you gut says no. Then it’s not right for you. 

so how do you find your spiritual path?

Everyone’s spiritual journey is unique, ever-changing, and ongoing. But the stages you go through are similar. And are written into every story ever told.

1 -You get a calling or awakening or a challenge

2 -You go on a quest for knowledge

3 -You may have to slay a deamon or two

4 -There is a reward, a growth, a teaching

5 -You begin to seek your tribe and share (traditionally the feast or happily everafter of stories but you get what I mean)

Parts 1 and 2 usually happen simultaneously. And it is here where most people start to feel overwhelmed or confused. If you are feeling that it is normal. You may be stepping out of your comfortzone or making a huge life change. It is understandably strange and maybe even a little scary. 

As someone who has dedicated over half of mt life to the spiritual journey, as well as guiding others through theirs, here are my tips:

read, ask, listen & learn as much as you can

When you have your calling or awakening the first thing you will want to do is find out more. Good this is what you are supposed to be doing. We live in a age of information so get informed. Don’t take the first thing you learn and believe that is all their is too it. There is always more to learn. The great fanatsy author Terry Pratchett has a dwarf religion in his Discworld books, one of their teachings always struck me as important to follow when discovering your spiritual path. “Tak does not require us to think of him, but he does require us to think”. Read, ask, listen and above all question so that you can begin to learn more about your chosen path. 

choose what works for you

Not everyone would agree with me on this but I honestly believe when it comes to your spirtual path and all the knowledge you intially accumulate. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind. Not the core rules as such. The core rule in my path is the creed “and it harm none, do what thy will”. Without that rule then I wouldn’t be on that spiritual path. What I mean by taking what works for you is the way in which you practice your spirituality. That is unique to you. So try different things, listen to your gut and do what works for you.

make a record of your learnings and insights

When embarking on this quest you will get realisations popping like fireworks all the time. It won’t always be like that. Some parts of your spiritual journey will bring a million insights in a moment and then maye one in the next 4 years. So record what you are learning so you can remember it and reflect upon it. In a way your past self will be teaching your future self when you look backwards.

don’t try and do everything all at once

Ohhh this one is so hard! When you first get swept into a spiritual path you want to know and do EVERYTHING! Stop, breath, enjoy the journey. You spiritual parth is not about the destination it is about the journey. I often find a spiritual life flows in and out of deeo connection period and then real life periods. When I come back into deep connection from  a real life period I always discover that I have new revalations and understandings that I though I knew before. Sometimes you just have to have the life experience before you can have the spiritual breakthrough or experience. 

trust yourself you know more than you think you do

I am probably repeating myself here. However, this is so important I am going to say it again. Trust your instincts. You have them for a reason. We do, all of us have within us the knowledge we are seeking. It is our spiritual path that helps us to connect with that and to grow. 

enjoy it

You will likely get the most out of your spiritual path if you approach it from this heart-centered place. Spirituality doesn’t always have to be solomn and serious. We learn best through play and joy, even as adults so allow yourself to enjoy your spiritual path. 

People often ask me what are you spiritually? And I could have a million different answers. Witch, pagan, druid, shaman, priestest, healer, nature worshipper. None of those have ever really sat truely with me, the closest is probably the latter. My spiritual path is as patchwork as my dna. I follow my instincts, honour and align my life with nature’s seasons, I am inspired by spirtual & cultural traditions that resonate with me. I believe in gods, goddesses as well as history and science. And wherever my path takes me I honour and give thanks to my ancestors and nature that sustains the gift of my life. When I put it like that you can see why I find it difficult to put a name tag on it. And my point is you don’t have to. 

Your spiritual path is yours. It unfolds beneath your feet as you travel this earth walk. So enjoy it and allow your gut to guide you and whenever you meet someone who tries to hoodwink you in the name of something spiritual allow them to become a great teacher of showing you how you do not want to be! 

Enjoy your journey to and with your root.

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