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The Ice Moon – A time for spiritual awakening & nourishment

Today January is thought of as the perfect time to get going on your new year’s resolutions. You know the whole New Year New You vibe. But for those of us who align ourlives with nature the idea of pushing to bring new things into your life could not be more out of alignment with the energy of January.

January’s moon is sometimes called the ice moon.  At this time although the land is still filled with life, it is a slower time. The earth is covered with frost and ice. Animals are still in hibernation. The land is ever so slowly awakening. Under the ice, deep in the soil the spring seeds are ever so gently, subtly growing their roots. Drawing in nourishment from the earth until the sun is stronger and calls them forth. 

For me, to align with this energy January is a time of thawing out & awakening. Not pushing for new growth. I see January’s growth as subtle. A time where we nourish our roots. 

So in the the first moon cycle of the year  I like to dedicate it to doing the things that will nourish & awaken my mind body & soul gently mirrioring nature. 

January is the perfect time to noruish our spiritual roots

If you are a regular visitor to my blog you will know that I do not believe that there is a one size fits all way to pratice spirituality. Your spirituality needs to fit you.  So I am not going to tell you how to do it! What I am going to do is tell you how I do it to give you some inspiration for your own journey. 

January reflections

I like to begin January by reflecting on the nourishment I need mind body and soul at this time. Winter can be hard on us mentally and physically. And the holidays can be a whirlwind that knocks us out of balance. To help you discover your needs I have created a free reflection journal to help you discover what you need at this time. 

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Spiritual nourishment is about creating spiritual wellness. At it’s core there is one question you need to ask yourself:

What do I need to refuel, renergise and rebalance myself mind, body and soul? 

For me this is all about getting back to my roots. The roots of my health, the roots of my sprituality and the balance in my mind. In January I make it a priority : 

For Soul: Go out in nature both to meditation but also to forest bath and make food around the fire. Taking time to notice the little changes as the world slowly awakens. 

For Body: I go back to the roots of my health. Not neccisarily going on an all out health kick. More listeneing to what my body needs. If I am feeling clogged a cleanse, if I am lacking vitality foods and activites that boost that vitality, such as yoga or meditation. I also think at this time rest days are a must. We have more no bones days in January than at any other time of the year. Our body’s need to be rested ready for the spring. So allow for that. 

For Mind: I love to learn so in January I like to take time to read a book where I can learn more about my spiritual roots, awaken new thoughts, to journal and reflect. Kind of recentering my mind gently. 

ice moon


By the end of January it is time to awaken. As the winter begins to thaw out so too must we begin to awaken from our slumber. Spiritually this is really about connecting with the source, the universe and allow it to nurture you from hibernation.

In my own path that means taking mindful time in nature. Observing the phases of the moon, the stars and see the land awaken.  Stimulating my senses both outdoors but also through mindfulness. I love in particular to take a mindful shower.

Another thing I love to do in january to awaken is the following awakening meditation. 


awakening meditation

Awakening meditation

Find a space where you will be comfortable and undisturbed. Sit or lye in a comfortable position. Make yourself  with a blanket, candles, whatever you find helps you to relax. Have a glass of water ready for after the meditation and a notebook to record any realisations that come from meditation. 

BEgin to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Deep breathe. As you breathe out let your body relax. Let go of what you do not need. This is a moment just for you. 

In your minds eye begin to see a cave. Within that cave picture yourself curled in a ball in a hibernating state. The light is low. You feel warm and safe. Snuggled peacefully in your winter sleep. 

As you lay in your hibernating state you see or feel the light begin to get stronger. As though the sun’s rays are gently entering your cave. You begin to feel yourself stir. As you open your eyes and look around the cave. Stretching out you begin to sit up. You feel refreshed and vibrant as the light grows. 

The sun shines through the entrance of your cave. It feels as if the light is calling to you Inviting you to awaken, to come outside. When you are ready you slowly stand up and walk towards the entrance. 

From there you can see a winter woodland. The trees, the ground is crystalised by ice. The air is sharper. As the sun rises in the clear blue sky and the land begins to glow white, golden and bright. You drink in the fresh air, feeling the cold bite your cheeks. Yet inside you still feel the warmth and peace of your hibernation state. 

In your own time you leave the cave. Walking amongst the trees. Your feet crunching the ice below. The colours of the woods are soft, magical. A moment of stillness. Eventually the woodland opens into a ridgeway. You stand on the edge and below you can see the landscape emerging before you. The rolling hills. A clear stream. The land is painted in the pale winter light, shining with the frost. All is calm. Take a moment here to enjoy the sights before you. To feel your breath. 

As the suns rays spread across the landscape a pool of light emerges at your feet. You feel the vibrancy of the light. A pulsation of energy at your feet. Begin to draw this energy up your body through your feet. Your shins. Your knees. Your thighs. Your groin. Your stomach. As the light energy fills each part of your body it begins to shimmer with light. You feel a vibrant of soft current of energy beginning to flow through you. Keep drawing the energy upwards to your heart. Filling your chest. Your arms. Your fingers. And finally your throat and your head. Until your entire body is glowing with sunlight. 

You feel a strength. Alive. Awake. The land below you is dressed in the light you yourself have within you. You feel a connection between you and the land as you radiate the awakening light to each other. As you stand there in your shining state say to the universe, he land before you and the sky above you “ I am awake”. 

Spend as much time in this awakening moment as you feel is necessary. When you feel the most energised, alive  and awake begin to concentrate on your physical form. Back in the room where you began to meditate. Stretch out your fingers, your toes, your arms and legs. 

When you are ready, open your eyes.  

After this meditation drink a glass of water and if you can take a walk in nature in your awakening state. This meditation will revitalise your energy and help you to shake of the sleepiness of the winter hibernation and transition you to a place where you feel awake and alert. Ready for new beginnings.

Be gentle with yourself during this ice moon cycle. Norish yourself and give yourself permission to awaken slowly from the winter. Align yourself with the energy of the land and you will feel a deep sense of strength and peace preparing you for the new life to come.  

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