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The Snow Moon – Spiritual Symbology & Celebrations

As I write the wind is blazing up outside, there is frost in the air and on the ground and the sky is grey and blergh! This just six days after Imbolc- the festival celebrating the birth of Spring. 

Looking outside my window it doesn’t seem like Mother Nature has got with the program… or has it? 

People often ask me why in the face of a seemingly never ending winter I am so inspired by this time of year. But when you work and live in sync with the Wheel of the Year you begin to realise how everything has it’s place and time. And nothing shows that more than the cycles of the moon and the spiritual symbology or seasonal energies that come with each full moon. 

Almost every culture has named each full moon, reflecting the pattern of life and growth as they understood it to be. In my Moon articles I am using a combination of European and Anglosaxon moon names. Now I bet you are already wondering why a mixture. Well the simple answer is that the world has changed since our ancestors days. And I don’t mean just socially or tenologically, I am talking about climatically. So as with all things on my spiritual path I take inspiration from my ancestors and make it relevant for my 21st century life. 

Febuary’s moon is commonly known as the snow moon. Along with other names it also used to be called the hunger moon, as there was very little food around in times gone by, at this point in the year. As seasonal scarcity is something I thankfully don’t have to deal with in February I work spiritually with the symbology of the snow moon. 

the snow moon – feb


  • Quickening Moon
  • Hungry Moon
  • Moon of Ice
  • Bald Eagle Moon
  • The Boney Moon
  • Sucker Moon
  • Storm Moon

spiritual meaning

  • Ambition
  • Fresh beginnings
  • Creativity
  • Change
  • Deep internal reflection
  • Abandoning bad habits
  • Renewal of spirit / reset

***The snow moon in 2022 is feb 16th***

The spiritual meaning of Februarys’s Snow Full Moon is a powerful time for hope, change, creativity, and growth. It signifies renewal in the spirit. The snow moon gives us a chance to reset and reevaluate. In essence the snow moon builds upon the energies that we first celebrated arriving at Imbolc. And that’s what living in harmony with the wheel of the year means. Not just celebrating the festivals when they are here, but also aligning your actions inbetween the seasons with the activity in nature. 

The wind is clearing away the deadwood of the winter. It’s time for us to do the same. This is the perfect time to clear away that which you don’t need. Physically, emotionallly and spiritually. Have you ever noticed that it is always here at the beginning of the year where they start the home clearing programs like the Home Edit? Well that is because this is where our minds turn to as parts of nature. If we want new growth we need to clear and create space to do that. 

It might not feel like it when standing back and observing from a distance, but there is alot going on in nature right now. You just have to get closer and look deeply. Its the same with us. The snow moon is the perfect time to ask yourself the bigger questions. To reflect on how amazing you are, how much you have grown and what do you need to nuture you right now and in the future? Contemplate your personal and spiritual intentions. Go in and look deep and you will find the answers and guidance you need. 

And as the snow melts. Physically and metaphorically. New life is appearing. What comes with new life? Creativity. Just think about children, kittens, pups. All new life has a curiosity and creativeness to it. Should we forget that as we are no longer new life? Of course not. After all, we aren’t our cells are constantly replenishing. Think outside of the box this moon. It could be that you are an artist person, or maybe you are a creative thinker, or a creative solutions person or a creative baker. We all express our creative nature in different ways. However you do it, make some time to immerse yourself in your creativity this full moon. You might surprise yourself.

Snow moon activites

  • A cleansing ritual – such as chakra balancing or smudging, for you and your home.
  • A daily mindfullness ritual such as driving tea or a mindfull shower
  • A clearing project – physically removing the things you no longer need. 
  • Journalling- this could be about life values, a celebration of your growth throughout the winter. 
  • A creative project- whatever that means to you. There is no limit. 
  • Make moon water and use it in your cleaning products
  • A full moon meditation or walk in the moonlight. 
  •  Candle magic

Make Moon Water

Moon Water is considered magical and sacred for anyone interested in Nature Spirituality. It’s often used for cleansing and purifying rituals. And I find it makes the perfect base for my home made cleaning products. (Cleansing both physically and spiritually!) 


moon water

How to make Moon Water

This is a spiritual practice, so remember to slow down 

  1. Fill a  non-plastic see through container with water of your choice. 
  2. Focus on your intentions and how you plan to use your Moon Water. If you’d like, you can write your intentions on a piece of paper and place them underneath your container. 
  3. Meditate quietly with the container of water, if you like it can be close to your heart. Feel the earth below where you are sitting. (yes even if that is the 20th floor). Visualize energy from your earth flowing through your hands sending positive thoughts, loving thoughts into the container. Focus and fill it up with your gratitude and kind reflections.
  4. Remember to thank the Moon and the earth and show your gratitude.

Leave your container to soak up the energy and light of the Moon in a windowsill. Don’t worry if you can’t see it.   Collect your jar the next morning before the sun rises. (Otherwise it becomes sun and moon water. Equally powerful, different kind of power).

February is the month for building cosy relationships and having a brighter outlook. Connecting with these energies of clearing, reflection, creation lifts up my energy. I don’t even mind the hail (Well I mind the winds buts that just cause I fly away all the time. And not in a good way!). 

I hope that the comming snow moon lifts your spirits and brings a brighter outlook to you and your life. 

I wish you a blessed snow moon…

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