Full Moon of May - The flower moon

The Flower Moon – Spiritual Symbology & Celebrations

With the festival of Beltane just behind us it is not surprising that the Flower Moon is name because of the beautiful flowers that are inabunance at this time of year.
The flower moon has a variety of energies within it’s symbology. It is about love, laughter, fertility and reclaiming our power. Now is a strong time for potent magical energy, deepening relationships and really connecting with our power.

In our relationships the Flower Moon asks us to be vulnerable so we can become more intimate with ourselves and others.  Now the passion of Beltane has subsided it is time to let go that which holds us back from true vunerability. Which is the frighting foundation of true love and trust. This time is a time of deepening your commitments in love.   

At the same time May’s Flower Moon signifies both fertility and healing. It is sometimes known as the Hare Moon because we know what they’re up to this time of year. We’re talking some serious fertility people! Flowers and herbs used for medicinal purposes are now flourishing nearly ready to harvest before the Summer Solstice. 

With the power of the sun growing and the Moon at it’s fullest this  is the time to really bring those dreams to life.  materialize. Don’t let anxiety or nervousness hold you back.

Make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself though. Every thing in balance.  Make sure to include plenty of rest to avoid burnout. This season is about play as much as it is action! Get out in Nature and don’t forget to bring loved ones along 😉 

the Flower moon – May


  • Dancing Moon
  • Milk Moon
  • Planting Month
  • Blossom Moon
  • Hare Moon
  • Moon of Mulberry

spiritual meaning

  • Abundance
  • Pleasure
  • Romance
  • Fertility
  • Laughter
  • Fun

***The flower moon in 2022 is May 16th***

flower moon activities

  • Moon bathing – As this is a time of sensuality why not spend some time bathing in the moonlight and allowing the Flower moon to energise you. 
  • A card reading –  looking at the cards for guidance can be a great way to seek guidance in manifesting your dreams. A simple 3 card past present reading can be insightful during this time. 
  • Indulge in some play time- whatever that means to you ! 
  • Dance Dance Dance – this moon is truly a time for dancing. So get your gladrags on and get jiggy with it. Or if you are like me put your pjs on and dominate the kitchen dance floor! 
  • Journal and plan – Do some journalling about how you will manifest your goal and the steps you need to take. It might be worthwhile looking at what is holding you back too. 
  • Moon meditation – To be fair this is great to do at any full moon. However if you are feeling swept away by the passion of Beltane a bit of meditation and grounding will do you some good in maintaining balance! 
  • Connect with flower energy – whether it is baking with edible flowers or pressing flowers or simply picking flowers connect with flower energy this full moon. 

Edible flower salt


  • 1/2 cup Salt Flakes
  • 2 TBSP dried Cornflowers


  1. Pick cornflowers (Centaurea cyanus) and gently pull the petals from the bud. Lay them out flat on a plate. Leave them to dry completely for 5 days turning them regularly to release moisture. To speed up this process you could put them in the oven on low (40-50degrees Celcius) to dry.
  2. Place salt flakes into an airtight jar. Mix through the dried cornflowers.
  3. Serve on meals as a finishing salt.

Cornflower and salt

(Recipie from Sustainable Holly)

Wishing you a powerful full moon

Love Emma-Jane
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