Nature Spirituality Summer Reads!

NAture spirituality books

Ahhh summer is coming time to kick back, relax and if you are like me read! I love to invest some of my holiday time investing in my mind and soul. And nothing, as far as I am concerned; is a better way of doing that than reading some new spiritual growth books…

So here are my top reads for Summer 2022!

Walking The Wheel of The Year

by Emma-Jane Cross

Now I know it’s cheeky to pop my own book in here at the top of the list. However I know that this book is packed full of tools, inspiration and information to help you connect both your spiritual and personal growth with nature-  and what is a better time to do that than summer! 

ISBN-13: 978-1916014039 

Available from Amazon and Book Depository

Letting in the Wild Edges

by Glennie Kindred

I love, love , love this book. So many great ways to connect with nature from one of the greatest teachers of nature spirituality. Glennie Kindred inspires us to celebrate the bounties of our wild native plants and find a richer relationship with the natural world around us season by season.

ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1856231178

Available from Amazon and Book Depository

The Celtic Spirit: Daily Meditations for the Turning Year

by Caitlin Matthews

I used this book very early on when finding my spiritual path and it is a book I return too again and again. Using poetry, myths, reflections, rituals, and visualizations, this leads you on a year long pilgrimage that will help connect the cycles of your soul to the circle of the seasons. Powerful!

ISBN10 0062515381

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Slow- live life simply

by Brooke McAlary

Now this is not neccesarily a spiritual book. However, I have found that the slow living movement aligns so well with a nature spirituality path that I could not leave this one out. It has truly inspired some changes in my life style which have deepened my spiritual connection. I cannot reccomend this book enough!

ISBN10 1760296910

Available from Book Depository

The Druid Animal Oracle

by Philip Carr-Gomm and Stephanie Carr-Gomm

This book and these cards are something I return to again and again. Animals are some of our greatest teachers. The oracle draws on Celtic and druidic teaches to allow us to deepen our connection with animals and learn from the insights they give us. 

  •  1859060072

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Our Celtic and Nordic ancestors were deeply  connected with nature. Shamanically, spiritually & personally. Discover how you can create your own spiritual path connected with nature with my Wheel of the Year e-books.

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