The Hunter’s Moon – Spiritual Symbology & Celebrations

Traditionally, the Hunter’s Moon got its name from the  people in the Northern Hemisphere who spent October preparing for the coming winter by hunting, slaughtering, and preserving meats. Every three years however, the Hunter’s Moon is the Harvest Moon. This special moon is red, and can also be referred to as the blood moon. 

Seasonally it marks the end of the harvest season and marks the begining of the dark half of the year.  Whether you’re celebrating the Harvest Moon or the Hunter Moon in October, the spiritual meaning of this moon is focused on internal work and self-reflection. And with Samhain around the corner and the viels beginnig to thin this moon is also a perfect time to start to look at divination or to begin connecting with your ancestral roots. 

the Hunter's moon - Oct


  • Blood Moon
  • Leaf Falling Moon
  • Moon the Birds Fly South
  • Moon When the Wind Shakes Off Leaves
  • Rutting Moon
  • Changing Season Moon
  • Winterfylleth

spiritual meaning

  • Transitions
  • Divination work 
  • Ancestors
  • Warrior achetype
  • Shadow work
  • Harvesting
  • Dreamwork
  • Preparing for hibernation

***The Hunter's moon in 2022 is October 9th***

Hunter moon activites

  • Winter Prep – Give some thought to what you will need to support you throughout the darker part of the year, begin gathering what you need. You might want to dedicate the winter to self care, to learning something new, making sure you have time with your loved ones. Now is the time to make sure you have what you need to fulfill your winter dreams. 
  • Ancestor connection –  Find out more about your family and discover your ancestral roots through research or spiritual journeying. Another beautiful thing to do for the Hunter’s Moon if you can make the opportunity is to watch the moon from an ancient site. 
  •  Divination – The Hunter’s Moon red light helps us to see the way forward so practicing any form of divination Tarot, Scrying, Runes, Oujia, Pendulum boards, Celtic Oghams, etc on the full moon will help you see with clarity the direction you need to take.
  • Journalling – Hunter’s moon is the time for selfreflection. Journey about your life, your dreams and allow the moon’s energy to reveal what it is you need to learn right here and right now.

Hunter's moon Bay leaf divination

This is a simple divination practice from Scott Cunningham called Burning and will help you find the answer to a question with a yes or no answer.

You will need

  • A flat heatproof surface
  • a small piece of paper


  • Write a question about the future on the paper. 
  • Place it flat down on a a heat-proof surface. 
  • Light one corner of the paper with a match. 

If the entire paper burns the answer is yes. If only part of it is destroyed the answer is no.

Wishing you a powerfull full moon 

Love Emma-Jane
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