5 Elements

The Five Elements of Spiritual & Personal Growth


In my life nature has been greatest teacher and guide to balance my personal growth, spiritual growth.

Within nature there is no judgement. All creatures are free to be exactly as they are, free to be present in each moment and free to grow, to thrive and fullfill their potential. We are part of nature so this applys to us humans too.  Somewhere along the line we just forgot it.

In my spiritual & personal growth journey I discovered that the blueprint for growth, balance and transformation surrounds us in nature and can be found within the energy of the 5 elements…

As a coach I have created a fusion of  holistic coaching combining nueroscience, personal development research and mind body spirit practices; creating pratical tangible solutions and tools that you can use to improve your life and life quality, focusing on the teachings of the 5 elements.

the 5 Elements

Each Element associates with the areas of our sleves and our lives we need to work with if we are to tryly fufill our potential. 



This is the root, the foundation and core of who we are. Earth work is about stripping back to that core, getting the self- awareness and understanding of our self, our values, the way we work. Both on a physiological and emotional level



Like the wind sweeping away the dead leaves in the winter, Air work sweeps away the clouds of our limiting beliefs, our emotional baggage. Leaving us clear, ready for the inspiration our dreams and the awakening of our creativity to realise our potential. 



The spark of life, passion and pure energy in motion. Fire alights within us the passion to take action, to make the changes we need. Fire work aligns us with passion and determination to grow, to remove the obstacles and take the actions we need to move forward.



 Water brings with it nourishment and fluidity. Water work nourishes our lives and gives us the opportunity to find our flow in life. The rythm, the path that works for us. Water is powerful and gentle and empowers us to become reslient and adapt to the flow of our life’s journey.



Spirit is the thread that balances the elements together. Our connection to the divine around us and within us. However, you percieve that to be. We are all spirits having a human experience. Spirit work connects us to our highest self, our highest human experience. To living our purpose, to learning, to our passion, inspiration and the ebbs and flows of life. When working with spirit we have learnt to balance the elements within. We are centered and walking on our path confidently. Living life in our terms. Free within ourselves. Grounded.  Re:Rooted in ourselves and Re:Rooting our lives. 

Ain’t that just woo woo?
Well yes. but it’s a woo woo metaphor backed up by science

The studies of Nuroscience and our physiology enhances and deepens our understanding of human development and behviour. Everything that happens within our body happens because we are reacting to outer stimuli.  Our nervous system, our hormones, are responding before we are even concious of our emotions and thoughts, let alone before we respond. And that happens in a zeptosecond,  a trillionth of a billionth of a second. By becoming aware of the connection between how our bodies work on a physiological level and our behaviour we become self aware, live conciously and learn how to work withour physiology to be our best self. Ultimately reaching our potential and live happier lives. 

We react on a physiological (EARTH), mental (AIR), emotional (FIRE) level, before we respond (WATER) to the stimuli, the situation. The combination of these reactions and responses create our indentiy through our behaviour or in other tems our SPIRIT. 

Re:Rooting is the art and skill of understanding, balancing, and responding through empower action to remain centered in our identity. In other word conciously living our life on purpose. 

so how does all of this fit in to personal & spiritual growth coaching & Self Help?

I love that you asked that! Re:Root coaching method is  a fusion of a holistic approach to coaching and personal growth, concious living welf awareness techniques and pratical tangible solutions.

We don’t just look at the problems you are facing. We look at both the internal and external. All the elements in the big picture of your life.  Because the internal affects the external and vice versa in every aspect of life. 

By Re:Rooting with yourselves you will connect with your potential and discover a new understanding of the perfectly imperfect being that you are. By looking internally and becoming self aware you will strengthen the roots and foundation for your growth. As you transistion through the elements internally to working externally you will work with conscious living techniques and growth mindset to create the right environment for your growth as you begin to take practical action to manifesting your coaching goals. 

My ultimate goal as a coach and through my workshops is  that you are enjoying your journey in life and living life on your terms. And because of this there is not cut and paste method of coaching as we all need different things to help us grow and have different things that make us happy. Which is why I have created both self-help tools and 1-1 service.  Empowering you to grow and develop in the right way for you.

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