My name is Emma-Jane and I am the creator of Re:Root. I work with a holistic approach to personal development, self awareness and how connection with nature can be the catalyst to our growth and balance in life.

My focus is on circular natural growth looking at the whole pattern of a person’s life and in that working together to decipher the adjustments needed to simplify, direct and transform. Supporting people  to connect with their authentic self, seeing their potential and aligning their life’s rhythm to the dreams they have for themselves. I aim to empowering clients within my coaching and workshops in sustainable personal development and life transformation.

Creating strong roots from which you can develop  _DSC5688

I take inspiration from mindfulness, ancient cultural practices, life management tools, as well as, holistic and natural lifestyle. Combining the best aspects of modern life with the understandings and teachings of the past.  For me the strongest, sustainable working practices are co- creative. My circle workshops focus on personal growth supported by community.

Through observation and experience over 20 years I have created a system, a toolkit which mirrors the cycle of the seasons, to support you to continuously grow and be inspired by life.  I have  successfully coached groups and individuals to reconnect with the rhythm of the natural world, at the same time inspired and supported them to  grow naturally throughout their lives. I would love to share and support you through the same experience.

It is my belief that you have the power within you to live the life you imagine, to be conscious of your true self and potential,  evolve your dreams into realities and to be inspired and motivated to do this by reconnecting with yourself and with the natural world.

To help you reconnect with yourself, re:root your life and empower you to enjoy your journey.

To find out how I can inspire you check out my coaching, workshops and ceremony pages . To connect with me fill in the contact form or sign up to my newsletter on Facebook