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How to Cope When Everything Feels Overwhelming

Feeling Overwhelmed and have no idea how to carry on? I have 3 tips for you that have helped me maintain my sanity in these crazy times

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living alone

Tips if you are living alone in lock down

making it easier and even fun! Lockdown’s back and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be going away soon. If you are living alone it is

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Imposter Syndronme

How to beat Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever felt out of your depth, a fraud, a fake that everyone will discover that,  find you out?  So have I. So have

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#lifelessons101 – 8 realisations and lessons I have learned during a global pandemic and isolation (plus the power of a pillow fort!)

Firstly let me say that I know that I am extremely lucky in this time of global crisis to be in my situation. I can

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#lifelessons101- Bored at home during the Coronavirus Lockdown? Here's some great websites to keep you amused for free!

#lifelessons101- Bored at home during the Coronavirus Lockdown? Here’s some great websites to keep you amused for free!

If you are getting bored at home during the Coronavirus lockdown then step over to the interwebs, there’s lots of fun to be had right

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#lifelessons101 – Easy Steps You Can Take to Simplify Your Life & Recover from Burnout

Hands up if you were close to burn out at the end of 2019?  Well I know my hand is firmly in the air. Yep

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Alone for the holidays

How to have an amazing Yule alone!

There is no nice way to put it- this time of year sucks when you are alone. To be honest feeling lonely sucks at any

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Presentation Anxiety

6 Tips to control your public speaking performance anxiety and give your best speech ever

Public speaking is one of the perils of modern life. Whether at work, school or home there is hardly anyone who likes to do it. 

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Getting over the Winter Blues

#lifelessons101 – 10 ways to get over the winter blues

Ugh November. None of the fun of Halloween, but with all the pre-Thanksgiving and Christmas stress. And baby it’s cold outside. Really cold and really

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# Life lessons 101 -How to avoid burnout and re prioritise RnR when you are insanely busy

This week has been the start of my hella stressful 10 days. I have periods of life like this occasionally where my days are just

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