living alone

Tips if you are living alone in lock down

making it easier and even fun! Lockdown’s back and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be going away soon. If you are living alone it is

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Summer Goals

Make sure you have the best summer ever (even with the COVID crisis) by making Summer Goals !!

Summer holidays are nearly here! And boy do we need them more than ever right now with the current world stress levels.  Now I don’t

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Why don’t I like myself? Try checking in with your integrity.

It’s a fact. Self-hate, self-loathing seems to be on the rise. Studies show that young people are full of self loathing. Some say it’s the

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love to do

Remember what you love to do in life and do it! (Happiness the often forgotten ingredient of a successful life)

Don’t underestimate the power of chasing happiness in building a successful life ! Right now I can say I am truly feeling that I am

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happy life

Do you want to live a happy life? Then you might need to make these 5 changes to the way you think!

Simple shifts in your mindset will help you to live a happy life We all want to live a happy life.  And yet today when

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How to find your life purpose

Transform your life – How to Find your Life’s Purpose and Begin your happiness quest in 3 easy steps!

When you say the phrase ‘Life Purpose’ my brain immediately begins an internal video footage of someone climbing a mountain and meditating in a tibetan

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#lifelessons101 – A year of Happiness – review of my Happiness Project 2019

At the beginning of 2019 I was inspired by Gretchin Rubin’s book “The Happiness Project” to create my own Happiness project for the year. I

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the unseen gifts in our lives

The unseen gifts that light up our lives -your unique gift to the world.

The Yuletide season is almost here, Christmas is so close, the Winter Solstice is even closer. And hopefully you are enjoying a relaxing wind down

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Get your free kindness advent calendar & spread some joy this holiday

Spread some kindness around this holiday! Download Re:Root’s Free Kindness Calendar below! Get your Free 12 days of Kindness CalendarName *FirstLastEmail * Sign-up to our

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#liflessons101 – Why practicing kindness makes you happier and healthier

Recently I saw a Facebook Meme thingy that said “Be the I in Kind”. Now being an advocate of practicing kindness I thought ahhh. Until

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