Life in a Covid World

living alone

Tips if you are living alone in lock down

making it easier and even fun! Lockdown’s back and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be going away soon. If you are living alone it is

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#lifelessons – what will my life look like after COVID?

Now with Denmark opening up and fingers crossed the world is going back to a little bit of normal my mind has started to return

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Summer Goals

Make sure you have the best summer ever (even with the COVID crisis) by making Summer Goals !!

Summer holidays are nearly here! And boy do we need them more than ever right now with the current world stress levels.  Now I don’t

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#lifelessons101 – 8 realisations and lessons I have learned during a global pandemic and isolation (plus the power of a pillow fort!)

Firstly let me say that I know that I am extremely lucky in this time of global crisis to be in my situation. I can

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#lifelessons101 – The Ultimate Key to Staying Motivated (Especially during isolation)

How is your self motivation?  I’d love to know. Because one thing I have noticed during the Coronavirus Lockdown more and more of my clients

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#lifelessons101- Bored at home during the Coronavirus Lockdown? Here's some great websites to keep you amused for free!

#lifelessons101- Bored at home during the Coronavirus Lockdown? Here’s some great websites to keep you amused for free!

If you are getting bored at home during the Coronavirus lockdown then step over to the interwebs, there’s lots of fun to be had right

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ADHD and Autism

#lifelessons101: Advice and ideas for Parents with young ADHD and Autistic Children at home during Coronavirus lockdown

Home schooling and the kids being home 24/ 7 is challenging for any parent. But for parents of children with ADHD and Autism this is

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How to work or study from home during coronavirus lock down

Tips and tricks to Working and Studying from Home During the Coronavirus Lock down

Are you struggeling working or studying from home during Coronavirus lockdown ? Emma-Jane has got you covered! Try her tips and find out how you

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self care

#lifelessons101 – Self love- a little goes a long way

Right now my battery is close to running on empty.  I haven’t spent one weekend at home in 3 weeks due to work and there

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#lifelessons101 – How to ask for help – reaching out to your community

Corona has created more isolation than ever before. But before 2020 isolation was already on the rise. In 2017 I wrote this life lesson about

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