How’s it going with your yearly goals?

Summer is here WOOHOO! But hey just before you grab your flip flops and forget all about ‘real’ life I have a quick question for

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#lifelessons101 – Motivation, determination and manifestation – the sweet always comes after the sour!

How to find light through the darkeness on your manifestation journey It’s been a crazy week! And it really hit me whiile I was looking

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Set goals you will achieve

Transform your life- How to Set Goals You Will Achieve

I love making goals. I love achieving & manifesting goals even more. Goal setting and achieving those goals is the core, the central key to

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create a vision board that actually works

How to Create a Powerful Vision Board that Works! (This ain’t a bunch of woo-woo!)

I love vision boards! I have been actively using them as part of my own life transformation and business growth for years. But I have

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New Year New Beginnings

Forget ‘New Year New You’. The goal is : New Beginning. Happier You!

Do you want to transform your life without buying into the ‘New Year. New You’ trash? Then be inspired by Emma-Jane’s subtle mind shift that

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New Year's Resolutions

Make New’s Resolutions that are achievable – a step by step guide

The holidays are drawing to a close and the new year is about to start. That great feeling of anything is achievable that January brings

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Evaluate your year

#lifelessons101 – Evaluate your Year- Get Ready for 2020

The holiday fun and games are over and soon it will be time to get back into your normal day to day routine. And of

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Achieved your life dream

#Lifelessons101 – What to do when you achieve a life dream? 5 steps to finding what is next

This week I experienced one of the most amazing things that can ever happen to anybody. I achieved a life dream. I finally heard on

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#lifelessons101- How to keep on going when you hit a bump in the road and it feels like you are getting nowhere

Dreams beget reality is something I have always believed. But sometimes the road to our dreams becoming a reality is a long and hard one.

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Sacrificing something you love – the secret to manifesting your goals

I have been looking forward to this moment for two months. Finally I am sitting at my computer and writing to you all again. It’s

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