How to Cope When Everything Feels Overwhelming

Feeling Overwhelmed and have no idea how to carry on? I have 3 tips for you that have helped me maintain my sanity in these crazy times

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Minimise Stress and Maximise on Fun during a Coronavirus Lockdown - the cure for cabin fever

#Lifelessons101 – Minimise Stress and Maximise on Fun during a Coronavirus Lockdown – the jolly cure for cabin fever!

WHat the world needs now is a bit more fun! With WHO defining the Coronavirus as a Pandemic this week it is not surprising to

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#lifelessons101 – Easy Steps You Can Take to Simplify Your Life & Recover from Burnout

Hands up if you were close to burn out at the end of 2019?  Well I know my hand is firmly in the air. Yep

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December without Stress

A December free of Stress – Yuletide time management to take your cares away

The holidays are coming! Yep this week we hit December and the build up begins in earnest. (No matter how hard the shops have been

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#Lifelessons101- Recovering from a week of Hell

It has not been my week! I am sure you have been there. The week from hell where the universe is just piling up crap

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#lifelessons101 – How to Recover from a Meltdown

If there is one thing certain about life it’s that there are ups and downs for all of us. And sometimes they come all at

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How to Declutter your life – Starting with the art of decluttering your time

In 2010 Francine Jay’s “The Joy of Less” was published and slowly but surely ‘Decluttering’ has become a thing. As Maureen O’Connor said “Decluttering is

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#lifelessons101 – Recovering quickly from a conflict at work in 8 minutes

This week I had the horrible experience of having an unexpected conflict with an almost stranger. I had begun a new contract and one of

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#lifelesson101-Quick ways to boost your energy throughout the day

Some weeks fly by. Some weeks go so slowly you feel as though you are dragging your feet through a quagmire of treacle.  You know

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How to take care of yourself and your relationship when your partner suffers from Stress

Stress, mental health issues and depression are part of modern life. And there is a lot of help out there for people who have to

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