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Fearless confrontation -how to have that awkward conversation

Fear of confrontation is pretty common, apparantly especially among women. The fear gets increased if the conversation is with someone who holds the power of

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#lifelessons101 :How the “heck “ do I forgive? An insight and a guide

Forgiveness is a word that’s been running run our home a lot this week. It started with a video that is currently bouncing around facebook

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Which me is reacting to you? (A guide to understanding tour reactions)

When Shrek told donkey that ogres were like onions he wasn’t wrong. We are all like onions we all have layers. No matter who you

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How to communicate your self worth in your relationships

Recently a friend who is in a new relationship was having trouble communicating with her new partner. Her problem was something we have all been

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Why am I snapping all the time?

So after returning from my last two weeks of holiday instead of feeling rested and relaxed I am grumpy as heck and snapping at everything.

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#lifelessons101 – 3 Stages of recovery from heart ache

We have all been there. The love of our life walked out of the door, the unbreakable relationship broke and we are left with an

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Trust is like a marble jar (3 steps to trust in 3 mins read)

“No man is an island” is an indisputable saying. We simply cannot do everything alone. Which means that trust is central to being human. We

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people tired

#lifelessons101 – Why people are draining you and how to stop it happening (3 min read)

It’s friday night, there is glorious sunshine out of my window, the wind is blowing and the garden is calling yet tonight I am simply

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#Lifelessons101 – Arrgh! I’m surrounded by idiots – 3 emotionally intelligent ways to deal with the most annoying of people (3 min read)

  You know life sometimes just seems to be filled with annoying people. Everywhere you go you meet someone who is irritating or unnecessarily stupid

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What planet is he/she on ?!?!?! – 5 ways to understand other people (3 min read)

What planet are they on?!?! There is not one of us who has not asked this question at least once in our lives. Sometimes understanding

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