Self Love & Self Care


Inspiration for Creating Daily Rituals & Magical Moments

Do you wake up in the morning feeling like there is something missing from life or do you wake up with so much energy you

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5 Ways to Hear What the Universe is Saying to you

I’m a big believer in talking to the universe. As a spirit having a human experience I know that the universe is constantly trying to

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How to Cope When Everything Feels Overwhelming

Feeling Overwhelmed and have no idea how to carry on? I have 3 tips for you that have helped me maintain my sanity in these crazy times

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Why don’t I like myself? Try checking in with your integrity.

It’s a fact. Self-hate, self-loathing seems to be on the rise. Studies show that young people are full of self loathing. Some say it’s the

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Self love

Try the 3 layers of practicing self love (during COVID)

We all know it that practicing self love is important to our mental health.  Even if you find it a little cheesy or woo woo

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Getting over the Winter Blues

#lifelessons101 – 10 ways to get over the winter blues

Ugh November. None of the fun of Halloween, but with all the pre-Thanksgiving and Christmas stress. And baby it’s cold outside. Really cold and really

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Why slowing down for winter is good for your health, your life and your productivity

As the autumn leaves are falling to the ground and the animals are making their final preparations before hibernating it’s hard to ignore the signs

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#lifelessons101 – How random acts of kindness will deepen your gratitude and enrich your life

In my happiness project this month’s theme is gratitude. I have been consciously aware of the things I have to be grateful for, making sure

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# Life lessons 101 -How to avoid burnout and re prioritise RnR when you are insanely busy

This week has been the start of my hella stressful 10 days. I have periods of life like this occasionally where my days are just

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What little moments do you live for?

It’s been such a lovely weekend. Not because we had a special occcaision or a holiday or anything ‘big’ like that. Nothing instagram worthy. This

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