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Why we need a Spiritual Connection to Nature

Many people today perceive themselves as separate from nature. Not surprising considering how far removed our lives are from her rythm. Cities, technology, big industry

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How to Celebrate Samhain

In October death is all around us. All of life is withdrawing into itself. This is a time of rest and rejuvenation. The work of

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What is the Wheel of the Year

What is the Wheel of the Year?

Nature flows in cycles. Our Celtic and Nordic ancestors understood this. For the ancient Celts and Scandinavians seasonal changes were important both in agriculture and for

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spiritual path

How to find your spiritual path?

To say life today is confusing is an understament. And when it comes to finding your spiritual path the word confusing doesn’t even come close! 

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How to Celebrate Mabon

Mabon, also known as the Autumn Equinox is just around the corner. Mabon is the 8th festival in the celtic and nordic wheel of the

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spiritual roots

Reconnecting with your spirituality

This summer I dove deep into Self-love, aligning with myself and my path in life. I expected it to be an experience where my confidence

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self esteem

How does spirituality help low self-esteem

Low self esteem  can feel like rot. A canker eating away at the soul. Not surprising really as lack of confidence is interconnected with our

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7 Reasons why Self-Love is Spiritually Empowering

Bottom line Self-love is about being aligned with your authentic self. It’s about trusting yourself, appreciting yourself and being connected to yourself.  Which is why

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spiritual self love

Spiritual Self Love – 3 powerful practices

Spirituality and Self-love go hand. Spiritual self-love is all about being good to yourself, to love, honour, appreciate and accept all of yourself as part of

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summer solstice

What is Summer Solstice ? And why do we care?

“In the hazy summer’s evening, the ancient circle is filled with people. Sitting around in small groups. Playing music. Laughing. Waiting for the sunset. The

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