Mind Body Spirit

How to balance Mind-Body-Spirit in healing Covid PTSD

“One of the biggest impacts of Covid on society, apart from the obiovus danger and massive changes in ‘normal’, is that this pandemic is that

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5 Ways to Hear What the Universe is Saying to you

I’m a big believer in talking to the universe. As a spirit having a human experience I know that the universe is constantly trying to

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#lifelessons101 – How to do forest bathing at home

Give yourself the mental escape you need On March 8th it will be one year since I went into isolation with my partner. I’m in

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Imbolc – Awakening & clarity after Winter’s hibernation

Some people love January as the time of new beginnings. But for me February always feels like the month to get going. With the pale

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Celebrating Lammas – why the Celtic Harvest Festival is still so relevant today!

The fields are golden, the land is bountiful, the apples are ripening in the trees. It is time to begin the harvest, to reap the

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wheel of life

How long is it since you checked in with yourself?

Summers are filled with bonfires, BBQs, beach days, road trips and all things ‘happy’. This summer mentality can make it hard for us to be

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Everyday spirituality for insanely busy people!

Is it possible to intertwine spirituality into an insanely busy life? There is no doubt about it, today most of us have insanely busy lives.

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seasonal spirituality

What is Seasonal Spirituality?

Walking through life in rhythm with nature I have always loved nature. From my childhood I can clearly remember the five big trees at the

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How to hear what the universe is trying to tell you

How to hear what the universe is trying to tell you

If there is one thing in life I know to be true it is that life is constantly teaching us lessons and sending us signs.

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What is the Winter Solstice and Why is it Relevant for Us Today?

As follower of seasonal spirituality the Winter Solstice is one of the most important times of my year. Each and every year just before Christmas

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