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spiritual life

4 Ways to Live a Spiritual Life without becoming a Monk!

 Many of us want a spiritual life but have no idea how to fit spirituality into our daily lives. I mean in days of yore

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Mind Body Spirit

How to balance Mind-Body-Spirit in healing Covid PTSD

“One of the biggest impacts of Covid on society, apart from the obiovus danger and massive changes in ‘normal’, is that this pandemic is that

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It’s Time for Rest & Recovery – Lessons from the Universe

Are you feeling burned out from the last 18 months? Well All the spiritual signs are saying that now is the time for rest &

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Inspiration for Creating Daily Rituals & Magical Moments

Do you wake up in the morning feeling like there is something missing from life or do you wake up with so much energy you

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#lifelessons101 – How to do forest bathing at home

Give yourself the mental escape you need On March 8th it will be one year since I went into isolation with my partner. I’m in

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How to Cope When Everything Feels Overwhelming

Feeling Overwhelmed and have no idea how to carry on? I have 3 tips for you that have helped me maintain my sanity in these crazy times

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Creating Healthy Study Habits for Higher Education

Summer is over and school is in. And for some of you you are entering into an education that is going to affect your future

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How to adjust to normal everyday life after Summer

Going back to work after the holidays can feel like a slap in the face. The Summer was free and easy breezy and now here

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How long is it since you checked in with yourself?

Summers are filled with bonfires, BBQs, beach days, road trips and all things ‘happy’. This summer mentality can make it hard for us to be

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createhealthy habits

Creating Healthy Habits for Real Work / Life Balance

The key to maintaing real & sustainable work life balance is to create healthy habits… We all have a vision of who we would like

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